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Brigadier-General John Shagaya rtd now Senator Elect for Plateau South Senatorial District has said that first he would be a Senator for the Federal Republic Of Nigeria and then his constituency. He disclosed this while speaking to Journalists in his home.

Shagaya said that his victory was a victory for the people, after he had lost in 1999, and in 2003, he said that he was vindicated, and that he had no grudge against anybody, saying that God's time was the best.

When asked if he was prepared for the task ahead against the backdrop of a distinguished military career, he said that he saw Military as a preparatory ground and that against popular motion which saw military as non-democrat, he said the military was one of the most democratic institutions.

Asked on what he missed most about military life, he said that the regiment, was the most , saying that he had no regrets about it, besides he was going into politics with promises of this or that but that he would with the help of fellow Senators see what benefits e could lobby to his constituency, He said he did not promise them anything because he was a legislator and that he was going to give his best and perform under the confines of his duty as such. That only the Executive had cash backing, but that he would use his lobbying ability to attract development to his zone.

On the crisis that has been rocking Plateau, he blamed it on poor leadership , stating the leadership refuse to take words of wisdom and translate such, and the end result was there for all to see. He however believed that with the emergence of Jonah Jang, the story may be about to change.

John Shagaya was former ECOMOG Commander and also Minister of Internal Affairs



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Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country...the heartbeat of the Black continent. Considering the diverse government of the day that has been in power since the inception of independence. We have come a long way till date to stand a ruler taller, considering the toddling democracy we are practicing. Something’s are better than nothing.

From the records as far back as 1964, the National Youth Council of Nigeria, affiliated with the World Assembly of Youth, was founded to coordinate youth organizations and activities in Nigeria. In 1990, it was estimated there were about 60 private youth clubs and organizations, including the YMCA, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and other religiously based ones. An umbrella organization for Nigerian student unions, the National Association of Nigerian Students, founded in 1954, also has been an important national influence on youth and educational policy. However, these two bodies have failed to represent the Nigerian Youth. The largest youth service organization, to say the least, is the government sponsored one, the National Youth Service Corps.

Nigeria’s national youth service program began 33 years ago, in 1973, and continues today. University graduates who are Nigerian citizens, at home or abroad, are required to spend one year in the government sponsored, co-ed National Youth Service Corps, serving in a Nigerian state other than their home state. The military government at the time created the National Youth Service Corps with the primary purpose of strengthening national unity. Having just emerged from a bloody civil war, the Nigerian government hoped to instill a sense of patriotism and unity in the next generation. Nigeria has always been an ethnically divided country, with problems persisting today. The NYSC was seen as a way to instill a sense of national unity that went beyond ethic or regional identity by having educated citizens undertake service in different areas of the country. Such objectives were:-
-A broad-based understanding of the matrix of Nigeria as a country;
-A national-guard conceptual approach that trained new graduates to be disciplined, understanding of varied cultures and mentally fit to handle the pressures of live;
-An integral but valid service to a nation who then subsidized education for all;
-A foundational experience of the work sector through reasonably balanced work-oriented disciplinary experiences gained; and
-A true sense of patriotism among Nigerian youths.

Because of its beginnings under a military government, the NYSC faced controversy from the start, even sparking riots at the University of Lagos. Financial objections, including students’ need to start earning back the tuition their families had paid and the low initial monthly allowance, along with government corruption were major concerns. Another issue, which has persisted to this day, was the problem of ethnic conflict and safety. Nigeria is about evenly divided between Muslims and Christians, with the majority of Christians in the south, and the Muslim majority in the north. Because of the provision that students must serve in a region not their own, many students had to go to a region with a markedly different religious and ethnic makeup. Christian students required to serve in primarily Muslim states had the most concerns, due to fears of persecution by Muslim extremists.
The NYSC is structured with an orientation course, generally lasting one month, at a ‘service camp’ in the region of service. Orientation is intended to instill in recruits a sense of nationalism and pride, and a sense of duty in regards to their service. Paramilitary drills, leadership training, lectures on the local language and culture, as well as some basic management skills are all part of the orientation program. Participants are then posted to their primary assignments, where the agency to which they have been assigned gives them housing and provides transportation. The federal government also provides them a small monthly allowance for the duration of their service. Corps members have worked in health services, education, agricultural development and general service in government departments. In addition to their primary assignments, corps members also have a community development project, chosen by the NYSC and the host community. Examples of these projects include building classrooms and roads, public literacy campaigns, and public health initiatives. At the end of the year, service members participate in a ‘winding up’ exercise and are released from their service in a formal ceremony, where awards are also given to those participants who showed the most initiative and enthusiasm during their service. The recipients of the most prestigious award, the Presidential Honors Award, are entitled to a cash bonus and guaranteed employment in the civil service. About 25 graduates of the NYSC receive this award each year.

While the concept behind the NYSC of engaging young people in service learning is laudable, the day to day operations of the service are facing many problems. For example, supervision of corps members’ performance is virtually nonexistent, and there is no effective means to evaluate members’ achievements. This lack of oversight also means that corps members are often underutilized, or simply not utilized at all. Corps members can be left without work, or assigned tasks which are both far below their ability and have no connection with their training and background. Continuity from one group of volunteers to the next is also an issue; one report cited an example of a road half-built by one group of service members and never finished.
Problems endemic to Nigerian society, such as corruption and a lack of resources, have bled over into the NYSC.

Recently, a new director of youth services was appointed, and he immediately announced that he would like to reform the NYSC. Condensing the training camps from one in every state to a few larger, permanent regional ones and increasing the length of the training period from three weeks to four months have been a few of the ideas proposed. However, I am been opportune to serve in Edo State where the training was only three weeks. Posted to Benin City, we are faced with the many dimensional approach to extorting money via various activities. One of such is the monthly contribution without a Corpers’ Welfare Association (CWA). To cap it all, it was mandatory before clearance that you sell tickets purportedly printed without numbers for not-so-well published Raffle Draw coming up on May 27th, 2007. The raffle tickets initial draw still stands as May 8th, 2007.
Apart from the fact that CLO’s come in various shapes and character, that of Ikpoba Okha is worthy of mention. The Current Area Inspector had made available a letter signed on behalf of the State Coordinator by his Personal Assistant, informing of the need to use (not force) for the sales of such tickets. An ultimatum of forty-eight (48) was given and later extended by twenty-four (24) hours, including two non-working days. In a no mans’ land were you have not even seen the color of the April Salary as it the second week, its treacherous. What is more treacherous is that this Local Government is well known for this manner of implementing orders that I have come to understand by some quarters and her workers as tyrannical. It is so in many capital city of Nigeria. What then do we learn when we have to bribe the Officers that should make reports about our shortcomings and hoe best to improve the process ? How do we tackle corruption when the next generation is passing through this phase of initiation ? Currently, I am facing threats and intentions to call on the gods of the Benin amongst them. How can we go forward ?

I have been an activist right from my adolescent and do not intend to throw-in the towel due to a paltry sum that would end up in the bellies of whomever they are representing. If MTN Foundation is different from MTN Nigeria, and the constitution of NYSC Foundation states that ex-corp members shall be members of this organization on graduation, why force corp members to pay for tickets not sold ? Why make it a criterion for clearance for the May salary ? Why make life unbearable for those of us in need ? The Director-General should view this action as a threat and a virus to the growth and development of the Nigerian Youth. Time is neither our friend nor a foe.

Akinbo A. A. Cornerstone


NiRA in the news....

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Nigerians may soon be able to register domain names in the cyberspace under the '.ng' tag which is the country's Internet identity.
This is even as the problem which has kept the superintending of the country's domain name in foreign hands nears resolution.

To this effect, the Board of Trustees of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) says that NIRA has been registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

"With this landmark development, we are poised to take further steps towards the overall vision of internet growth across Nigeria through private sector participations", said Adeola Odeyemi, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of NIRA.

He added :"We are poised to ensure the commencement of activities to get stakeholders in the internet arena by encouraging individuals and organisations to apply for registration as members of NIRA.

"Hitherto, persons and organisations that have expressed desire to register domain names in the country have by and large been presented with opportunities to register under various foreign countries' top level domain names including the the following among many others: .com, .org, .net, .co.uk, .za etc.

"Only a few users had been aware that we have a country top level domain: .ng which inadvertently had been hosted outside the country by a Technical Point of Contact person authorised by ICAAN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) and IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), some of the international organisations responsible for coordination of internet activities globally.

"We are happy to inform our colleagues in the internet community about the development and efforts made in the last few months to bring the management of our country top level domain within our community by the appointment of two of our colleagues as Technical Point of Contact for domain registration. The two will act as point of contact until our NIRA Executive Board commence the administration of internet registration in the country.

"Additionally, we, the members of the NIRA BOT are pleased to announce to the internet community in Nigeria the following activities in respect of the screening of applications of new members and an invitation to attend the firstAnnual General Meeting, following the registration by the CAC."

He added that activities had commenced to get stakeholders in the internet community to make application for registration as members of NIRA and that the date of the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been fixed for May 9, 2007 in Lagos.

He advised interested parties to forward applications to facilitate the election of officers to serve to on the Executive Board of NIRA.

Prospective members are to visit the NIRA website at www.nira.org.ng from April 1, 2007 for registration guidelines. Applications can be submitted online from that date. Applications may be submitted to nirabot@nitda.gov.ng and this will be routed to the Screening Committee.

Odeyemi said members of NIRA BOT appreciated the progressive moves by President Obasanjo and his administration for putting the development of ICT in high focus.

The signing into law of the NITDA Bill is the first solid step the ICT industry requires for rapid growth and relevant contribution to Nigeria's ICT development, he added.

"We look forward to NITDA to give required support to midwife NIRA to conduct a successful election of the NIRA Executive Board that will carry out the administration of internet activities registrations.

"Finally, in compliance with Mr President's directive, we expect that NITDA Bill will include NIRA as the administrator of the Nigerian domain name and in succession".



The story of NiRA !

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AFTER nearly 10 years of bickerings, back

stabbings and controversial

pronouncements on who should manage and

host Nigeria's country code Top Level

Domain (ccTLD), stakeholders have

endorsed the Nigerian Internet

Registration Association (NIRA), to do

the job.

Although, the Internet Corporation for

Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) had

ceded the right to a properly organised

stakeholders group in 2004, none had been

put in place so in place of that proposed

organisation, National Information

Technology Development Agency (NITDA) had

stood in.

The ccTLD had been managed since

inception by an American, Mr. Randy Bush,

resident in the United States from 1992

till date. While the administrative

contact person was Mrs. Ibukun Odusote.

The controversy trailing the hosting

right made President Olusegun Obasanjo to

step in on January 16, 2004 and directed

that the management of the ccTLD.ng

should be transferred from Mrs. Odusote


NITDA, Obasanjo insisted, should set up a

transparent mechanism that will enable

the Internet community in Nigeria and

stakeholders to participate in the

formation of a new body to manage and

administer the ccTLD as a national


This position was communicated to ICAAN,

which responded on June 9, 2004 and

endorsed the administrative change as a

pre-requisite for NITDA to formally

proceed with the implementation of

President Obasanjo's directive.

And while the battle between Nigeria

Internet Group (NIG), Nigeria Computer

Society (NCS) among other stakeholders

raged, Nigeria's scarce resource with the

suffix.ng remained under the watchful

eyes of Randy Bush.

None was willing to shift grounds.

Indeed the history of Nigeria's Internet

is checkered. It has been fraught with

controversies, bickering and internecine

battles among interest groups. The effect

has been the slow pace in the development

of that national resource. Successive

efforts to resolve the conflicts were

unsuccessful until the intervention of

the Presidency.

Last week, the man, who managed the cctld

in the United States was in Nigeria and

was a guest of NITDA as part of his

itinerary. For the first time, he spoke

about how he came to host Nigeria's top

level domain. What he 'earns' for his

efforts and his wishes for Nigeria, and

other issues. That story is exclusively

available to The Guardian. In this

report, however, we bring you details of

the effort of stakeholders to take over

the management of Nigeria's Internet from

the American.

Several individuals, corporate,

educational, government and professional

groups responded to NITDA's invitation to

submit position papers on the way


NITDA constituted a small team that

evaluated the submissions from which an

agenda for a National Stakeholder Forum

was drafted. This forum was scheduled and

series of national advertisements

preceded the event.

First National Stakeholders' Conference -

August 9, 2004

On August 9, 2004, the first National

Stakeholders' Conference was held in

Lagos. The conference, which was very

well attended, attracted all segments of

the Internet Community in Nigeria.

To ensure that actual experiences from

other countries were shared amongst

Nigerian stakeholders, two international

resource persons from Kenya and South

Africa; Michuki Mwangi and Mike Lawrie,

were invited, they shared their

experience on the domain name management

of their respective countries. This was

followed by an interactive session

involving the participants present.

Stakeholders, who had sent position

papers to NITDA on the ccTLD management

were also given the opportunity to make

presentations at the forum on their


At the end of the forum, a communique,

which was endorsed by the principal

stakeholders including the incumbent

Administrative Contact of the ccTLD.ng

was issued. The key recommendation of the

Forum was the creation of a Working Group

by the stakeholders, whose responsibility

was to establish the modalities for

setting up the non-governmental,

not-for-profit organisation to mange the


The numbers of the Working Group were as


* National Information Technology

Development Agency (NITDA);

* Nigerian Communications Commission


* Nigeria Computer Society (NCS)

* Internet Services Providers'

Association of Nigeria (ISPAN)

* Nigeria Internet Group (NIG)

* Computer Professionals Registration

Council of Nigeria (CPN)

* Nigerian University Commission (NUC)

* Nigerian Society of Engineering (NSE)

* National Broadcasting Commission (NBC)

* Association of Telecommunications

Companies (ATCON)

* Federal Ministry of Science and


* Federal Ministry of Communications

* Federal Ministry of Education

* Federal Ministry of Information and

National Orientation

* The Presidency

* Bankers Committee of Nigeria

* Youth Groups

* The Media

* Nigerian Information Technology

Professionals Association (NITPA)

* Two Representatives of State


Post Forum Consultations

Following the decisions reached at the

Stakeholders' Froum, NITDA organised a

meeting of a smaller subgroup of 8

members on October 26, 2004 to fine tune

the modalities for the establishment of

the non-government not-for-profit

organisation scheduled to take-over the

management of the ccTLD.nig.

On November 4, 2004, the larger

Stakeholders' Working Group convened a

meeting to deliberate on the modalities

drawn up by the Group of 8 mentioned

above. The meeting was held at the

conference room of the National

Information Technology Development Agency

(NITDA). The meeting reviewed all the

position papers submitted to NITDA and

emerged with resolutions on the take off

of the anticipated organisation.

The members of the .ng Working Group

agreed that the nature of the institution

would be non-governmental, not for

profit, private sector driven and

inclusive of and accountable to all

members of the internet community in the


It was resolved that the name of the

organisation would be Nigerian Internet

Registration Authority (NiRA) and that it

would be registered as an Incorporated


It was agreed that the Government's role

should be supervisory at best and that

policy and practice on the ccTLD

management should be determined by the

emerging entity, pursuant to the

prevailing market forces. In addition to

these resolutions it was generally

acceptable and that the Government's role

would include intervention during


The structure of the institution was

broken into four major departments namely

Administrative, Technical, Registration

Services and Dispute Resolution

departments. It was agreed that the

Dispute Resolution Department should be

in line with ICANN's established policies

on the subject matter and while a

department should be created in NiRA to

handle publication of rules and related

matters in this regard, actual dispute

resolution Service Providers shall be

appointed by the TLD manager under

conditions approved by the Board of

Trustees of the institution. It was

stressed that it was very important for

such a department to be staffed by

competent professionals with an in depth

understanding of the workings of the

Internet, intellectual property law and

other international accepted laws.

The Working Group concluded that general

details relating to technical operations

and s well as institutional and

individual competence should be left for

the emerging institution to decide in

order to ensure that the designated

manager is given sufficient room to

develop satisfactory and sound technical

plans for the registry, essential for the

stability and integrity of the registry.

The Second Stakeholders Forum - March 23,


In continuing the efforts to establish

the.ng ccTID Manager, NITDA organised a

Stakeholders' Forum on the management of

Nigeria's country code top level domain

(ccTLD.ng), which was held on March 23,

2005 at the Muson Centre, Lagos. The

Forum was attended by a number of

individuals, who were present in their

personal capacity and others, who

represented organisations.

The proposal for the management of the

.ngccTLD developed by the Group of 22

Stakeholders Representatives was

presented by the secretariat of the G22

ccTLD Working Group in NITDA.

The presentation by the G22 ccTLD Working

Group highlighted the issues that were

considered before living at the position

contained in the proposal. Some of these


* The proposed name and structure for the

anticipated organisation that would mange

the .ngcc TLD;

* The role of government

* The organs and departments for the

anticipated organisation;

* Technical and administrative functions

* Broad guidelines for the appointment of

Domain Name Registrars and Second Level

Domain Name Hosts;

* Free services to certain

non-governmental organisations

* A structure for domain name dispute


Name of the Organisation

The G22 proposed that the organisation be

named the Nigeria Internet Registration

Authority (NiRA) out of a list of 2 names

which included the following:

* Nigeria Information Center (ng NIC)

* Nigeria Internet Corporation for

Assigned Names and Numbers (NiCAANN)

NiRA was adopted by a majority vote; but

was modified to read, Nigeria Internet

Registration Association instead of

Nigeria Internet Registration Authority.

The votes cast were 53 for NiRA, 9 for

ngNIC and 1 for NiCANN.

Organs of the Organisation

The G22 proposed the following organs for

the NIRA:

* General Assembly to serve as the policy

and power base of organisation;

* The Board of Trustees to serve as an

advisory body shaping policies, practice

and programmes;

* The Executive Board consisting of

elected termed positions and;

* The Management Committee to handle the

day-to-day operations of the ccTLD


After deliberations, the Forum agreed

that the proposed organs were too many

and would lead to unnecessary duplication

of efforts. The importance of a

streamlined and effective organisation

was emphasised. It was resolved that the

fundamental structure of the organs would

be addressed after a constitution had

been draw up in order to get a clearer

picture of the roles which the various

organs would play in the organisation.

Departments of the Organisation

The G22 proposed 4 departments for NIRA


* TLD Administrative Department;

* TLD Technical Department;

* Registration Services Department; and

* Domain Name Dispute Resolution


The Forum resolved that the Domain Name

Dispute Resolution Department should be

merged with the Administrative Department

and the Registration Service Department

should be merged with the Technical

Department. NIRA should have 2 working

Department namely the Administrative

Department and the Technical Department.

Appointment of domain name registrars

The G22 proposed that domain name

registrars should be appointed based on

"conditions applicable to Internet

Service Providers." The Forum adopted

this proposal with an alteration. The

word "standards" was adopted instead of


Second level domain name hosting

The G22 proposal on the second level

domain name hosting was adopted by the

Forum with modifications. The Forum

resolved that the cadre of

non-governmental organizations which

would be eligible for free domain name

hosting should not be mentioned in the


Domain name Dispute Resolution

The Forum resolved that the bulk of the

functions of dispute resolution would be

outsourced to competent arbitrators.

Would have to possess requisite legal


Board of Trust for NIRA: The Forum

deliberated on the constitution of a

Board of Trustees for NIRA. While most

members favoured a small Board comprising

of 5 or 7 members, others recommended

that the representative G22 ccTLD Working

Group should constitute the Board of

Trustees. A compromise was reached and

the following persons were nominated as

the members of the Board of Trustees for

the purpose of registration with the

Corporate Affairs Commission.

Dr. Moses Ubaru National Information

Technology Development Agency

Dr. Chris Nwannenna Nigeria Computer


Engr. Akinsola Cole Nigeria Society of


Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem Nigerian Internet


Mrs. Ibukun Odusote Federal Ministry of


Mr. Emmanuel Arinze Presidency

Mrs. Mary Uduma Nigerian Communication


Dr. G. M. M. Obi Computer Professionals

Registration Council of Nigeria

Prof. I. S. Diso Kano State University of


Proclamation and establishment of the .ng

ccTLD manager:

At the conclusion of the deliberations

the following proclamation establishing

the .ngccTLD manage was made;

"All ICT stakeholders and the internet

community in Nigeria hereby establish for

Nigeria, a non-governmental

not-for-profit private sector led

organisation to be known as the Nigeria

Internet Registration Association (NIRA)

to manage the Nigeria country code top

level domain ( ccTLD.ng) in good faith

and in the interest of the internet

community in Nigeria."

Post forum activities

The inaugural meeting of the board of

trustees was held on April 6, 2006 in

Lagos and two subsequent meetings have

been held in Abuja on the April 15, 2005

and May 12, 2005 respectively.

The board of trustees in accordance with

its mandate has concentrated its energy

on the formulation and adoption of a

transparent and comprehensive

constitution for NIRA. The first and

second drafts of the constitution of NIRA

were read and reviewed by the members of

the board of trustees and circulated

widely for comments and contributions

from members of the public. A website was

also developed for the entity.

Since then, considerable progress in the

domesticating the management of the ccTLD

has been made. While the process of

incorporating NIRA was on, NITDA acquired

the servers needed to host the .ng ccTLD

and trained six domain name

administrators under the auspices of the

agency and with the collaboration of Mr.

Sunday Folayan (the CEO of Skannet) and

Mrs. Ibukun Odusote (the erstwhile POC of

the ccTLD).

The purpose of the action taken by NITDA

was to develop an effective strategy to

take over the management of Nigeria's

ccTLD from the U.S-based technical

administrator, Mr. Randy Bush, pending

the time NIRA would be fully born and

ready to assume complete control.

Today, that strategy has paid off.

Although NIRA has been incorporated, it

has not yet assumed control of the

management of the ccTLD. But NITDA is

hosting and facilitating the registration

of domain names until such a time NIRA

would be ready to take full control.

Through the active support and efforts of

Sunday Folayan, the registration of

domain names and management of the ccTLD

by NITDA is now automated. It is

therefore expected that when NIRA assumes

control. It will inherit a robust and

fully automated process.

At its first yearly general meeting,

hosted by the new NIRA board of trustees

on May 1, 2007, the association elected

an executive management board headed by

Mr. Ndukwe Kalu as the president.

The NIRA AGM coincided with this year's

AFNOG workshop hosted for the first time

in Nigeria and sponsored by NITDA.

NITDA's sponsorship of the African

Network Operators Group workshop enabled

the training of over 30 Nigerians in

building scalable web systems and similar

networking courses. Among the key

instructors were Mr. Randy Bush and his

wife, Zita Wenzel, who manages the United

States ccTLD.


Profile of ...

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(Turakin Adamawa), GCON, Vice-President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Born in Jada, a town in present day Adamawa state, in North Eastern part of Nigeria, on November 25, 1946. He became an orphan at the age of eight and through perseverance and hard work overcame the poverty and nonchalant attitude of his relatives to acquire education. Atiku enrolled into the Jada Primary School from 1954 to 1960. He later proceeded to Adamawa Provincial Secondary School, Yola, from 1961 to 1965. He studied Economics, British Economic History, Government and Hausa Language at the Yola Middle School before proceeding to the Kano School of Hygiene, where he acquired a Diploma of the Royal Society of Health. He moved to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in 1967, to study for a Diploma in Law.
It was in the last two schools that he had his first taste of politics, when he took part in the radical student union politics of the 1960’s, serving as President Emeritus of the Student's Union of the School of Hygiene, Kano, and later as the Assistant Secretary General of the Ahmadu Bello University Students Union, as well as Deputy Speaker of the Students’ parliament.

In 1969, Atiku Abubakar enlisted into the Nigerian Customs and Excise service, where he served for 20 years, retiring in 1989 at the rank of Deputy Director. In retirement, Atiku Abubakar went into private business, developing investments in oil services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and the print media. He was chairman of seven companies before his election as Vice-President.

His political career proper began in the late 1980s at the advent of the Fourth Republic, when retired General Shehu Musa Yar'adua launched a novel political association, People's Front of Nigeria (PFN). Shehu had retired as Deputy Head of State and Chief of Staff Supreme Headquaters in 1979, when he and Olusegun Obasanjo handed over power to civilians.

The thought, planning and solid programmes packaged with the movement easily made it the most formidable machine in Nigeria. Alas, General Ibrahim Babangida's cabal of military officers drawn from both north and south wanted to "rule Nigeria" forever. Their contrived transition to civil rule program refused to register genuine political parties. Rather, the military government "created" two parties for Nigeria: left-of-centre Social democratic Party (SDP) and right-of-centre National Republican Convention (NRC). Atiku was party to the decision to "re-locate" the PFN into the SDP, ensuring their total control of the party, in the belief that the soldiers were sincere in their promise to handover power.

After scouring and touring every part of the federation, Atiku was there to see the emergence of Shehu Yar'adua as the SDP presidential candidate. However, General Babangida, ostensibly bowing to pressure from short-sighted civilian and military power-hungry leaders cancelled the primaries and disqualified the two candidates. The NRC candidate was Adamu Chiroma, the incumbent Minister of finance in Atiku’s government.

Undaunted, Shehu Yar'adua and his colleagues, determined to ease the military out of power, took all in their stride. In a re-run of the primaries, Abubakar Atiku as a candidate of Yar'adua narrowly missed being nominated the running mate of Chief M K O Abiola, who came to be backed by the PFN caucus. With the cancellation of Abiola's incipient victory at the polls in 1992, Atiku with his mentor continued the struggle to save Nigeria from the power greed of soldiers. Defence minister, General Sani Abacha, later overthrew the resultant Interim National Government (ING). Abacha waged a relentless campaign against Nigerians and their leaders, resulting in the false imprisonment and jailing of Shehu Yar'adua and Olusegun Obasanjo. Again, Abacha's transition program refused to register the Lawal Kaita/Atiku led People's Democratic Movement (PDM). Instead the military sponsored surrogates to set up five "acceptable" parties. All five endorsed Abacha as sole presidential candidate. Yar'adua died under inhumane prison conditions while Atiku was forced to go underground as agents of the junta hunted him from state to state.

Atiku, even while hiding, was part of the G18 pressure group, which later became G34 movement that spearheaded opposition to General Abacha's self-succession bid. The death of Abacha in 1988 brought to power the reformist General Abubakar Abdulsalami, who vowed to handover power 29 May, 1999. Thus in the course of amalgamating different political groupings into political parties, Abubakar Atiku led the old PFN into what later metamorphosed as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). His group also drafted in Obasanjo and gave him the machinery at the grassroots not only to win the party primaries but the presidential elections as well. Atiku himself made a second attempt to become the governor of Adamawa state and this time, as a PDP candidate, he was elected.

It is came as a surprise to Atiku shortly after that, when Obasanjo sent for him, following his emergence as the PDP flagbearer, in the heat of lobbying by many candidates for the vice-presidential slot.
"Turaki, are you prepared to take orders from me?" he asked Atiku, calling him by the traditional title in his native Adamawa state.
"Ah, I have always taken instructions from you, sir" Atiku replied, "because you are a general."
"Okay you are my vice-president", Obasanjo told the stunned Atiku, "go and break the news to the party leaders!"


A new dawn in Edo...

About this event: First Youth Peace and Conflict Resolution Camp
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About the book: "Investing In Development: A Practical Plan To Achieve The Millennium Development Goals (Un Millennium Project)"

...as i walk thru the city to see what can be done to salvage the growth and develoment of AIDS, Abortion and Prostitution in the city of Benin. I have the nigerian Corpers Christian Fellowship to work with in this state.

I have Olubode Abiola froM Owan East and Akinbo Modupe from Owan West. I will directing affairs from the Center of Benin. I will be working with the Ministry of Youths and Sports as well as the Ministry of Information and Orientation. My assistants are credible and new members of NiPRO (Nigerian Professionals).

I look foward to giving a report soon.


Biola Jesus

About this event: Apeadu Peace Program
About the book: "The Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings, Book 3)"

its a privilege to announce to you the most rescent development in the enforcement of your destiny. From today one man will always be afraid of u, that man is Failure. Another man has denounced his friendship with u, he is Fear. This man called Frustration, has vowed never to have anything to do with u again. But these great men, Goodness, Mercy, Favour and Wisdom have chosen to follow you anywhere you go & will never depart from u. If you believe this, then send this message to everyone on your list including me and watch how greatly God will supply all ur needs according to his riches.

Do not keep the alabaster box of your friendship sealed up until your friends are dead. Fill their lives with sweetness. Speak approving, cheering words while their ears can hear them, and while their hearts can be thrilled and made happier. The kind of things you mean to say when they are gone, say before they go.

A Muslim man in Egypt killed his wife and then buried her with their infant baby and 8-year old daughter. The girls were buried alive! He then reported to the police that an uncle killed the kids. 15 days later, another family member died. When they went to bury him, they found the 2 little girls under the sand - ALIVE ! The country is outraged over the incident, and the man will be executed. The older girl was asked how she had survived. "A man wearing shiny white clothes, with bleeding wounds in his hands, came every day to feed us. He woke up my mom so she could nurse my sister," she said. She was interviewed on Egyptian national TV, by a veiled Muslim woman news anchor. She said on public TV, "This was none other than Jesus, because nobody else does things like.....


Nira Calls for Promotion of Nation's .ng Domain

About this event: The role of Youths in Nation Building using the IT Facility.
Related to country: Nigeria

Chairman board of trustees of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) Dr. Adeola Odeyemi has re-iterated the need for all stakeholders in the Nigerian internet community to come together to promote the growth and development of its online presence through the growing adoption of the Nigerian top level domain. A Similar call had earlier been made by President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Making this call at a press conference held in Lagos, Odeyemi noted that "the signing into law of the NITDA bill is the first solid step the ICT industry requires for rapid growth and relevant contribution to Nigeria's ICT development."

He explained that only a few users had been aware that there was a country top level domain: .ng which inadvertently had been hosted outside the country by a Technical Point of Contact person authorized by ICAAN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) and IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), which are some of the international organizations responsible for coordination of internet activities globally.

He also stated that in response to the president's call, "we are pleased to return here today to inform the internet community and Nigerians at large that NIRA has been registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) and has been issued its certificate of incorporation". He stated that the association is ready to take further steps towards the overall vision of internet growth across Nigerian through private sector participations.

He stated that persons and organizations that have expressed desire to register domain names in the country have been presented with the opportunities to register under various foreign names including the following among many others:.com, .org, .co.uk, .za etc.
Dr Odeyemi also gave a breakdown of developments efforts made to bring the management of the nation's top level domain to include "the appointment of two of its own colleagues as Technical Point of contact for domain registration".

He called on members to note the following activities to get stakeholders in the internet community to make application for registration as members of NIRA and the actions taken so far by NIRA BOT to set up screening committee for membership enrolment.
Odeyemi disclosed that NIRA "is poised to take further steps towards the overall vision of internet growth across Nigeria through private sector participation".

To register, visit: http://db.register.net.ng/


In Edo....

Good evening, its a priviledge to announce to you the most rescent development in the enforcement of your destiny. From today one man will always be afraid of u, that man is Failure. Another man has denounced his friendship with u, he is Fear. This man called Frustration, has vowed never to have anything to do with u again. But these great men, Goodness, Mercy, Favour and Wisdom have chosen to follow you anywhere you go & will never depart from u. If you believe this, then send this message to everyone on your list including me and watch how greatly God will supply all ur needs.

Adam’s Rib In Sunday School, they were teaching how God created everything, including human beings. Little Johnny seemed especially interested when they told him how Eve was created out of one of Adam's ribs. Later in the week, his mother noticed him lying down as if he were ill, and said, "Johnny, what is the matter?” Little Johnny responded, "I have a pain in my side. I think I'm going to have a wife."

Happiness And Joy They are no toys But torches to Brighten the human hearts. They enter the brian And let there be rain. Rain heavy not with hail But soft tears of joy. They enter the eyes And send in the sile To fend away the tears Even in times of fear. They aren't usual words But letters that glitter In human hearts.


CNY National Vice-President...

...graduate Law.



About this event: First Youth Peace and Conflict Resolution Camp
About the book: "PS, I Love You"

If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends”. A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better.” You’ll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, why would he treat you any differently? Always have your own set of friends separate from his. Maintain boundaries in how a guy treats you. If something bothers you, speak up. Never let a man know everything.* He will use it against you later. You cannot change a man's behavior Change comes from within. Don't EVER make him feel he is more important than you are... even if he has more education or in a better job. Do not make him into a quasi-god. He is a man, nothing more nothing less. Never let a man define who you are. Never borrow someone else's man. If he cheated with you, he'll cheat on you. A man will only treat you the way you ALLOW him to treat you. All men are NOT dogs. You should not be the one doing all the bending...compromise is two way street. You need time to heal between relationships...there is nothing cute about baggage... deal with your issues before pursuing a new relationship You should never look for someone to COMPLETE you...a relationship consists of two WHOLE individuals...look for someone complimentary...not supplementary. Dating is fun...even if he doesn't turn out to be Mr. Right. Make him miss you sometimes...when a man always know where you are, and you're always readily available to him - he takes it for granted. Never move into his mother's house. Never co-sign for a man. Don't fully commit to a man who doesn't give you everything that you need.* Keep him in your radar but get to know others. Share this with other women and men (just so they know)... You'll make someone smile, another rethink her choices, and another woman prepare. They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them and an entire lifetime to forget them. Advice from an Angel, Scared of being alone is what makes a lot of women stay in relationships that are abusive or hurtful Dr Phill You should know that you're the best thing that could ever happen to anyone and if a man mistreats you, he'll miss out on a good thing. If he was attracted to you in the 1st place, just know that he's not the only one. They're all watching you, so you have a lot of choices. Make the right one. Ladies take care of your own hearts....This communication together with any attachments transmitted with it.

What do you think ? Send me your response.


....and i will be here to say Eureka !

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I intend to have a joint event with NAYA Lagos, Ogun and Osun. I have started talks with the University Joint Christian Movement (UJCM) and Muslim Student Society (MSS) on an HIV/AIDS Walk in Osun State. This will mean a lot of movemet for most people who wish to join us...a mock meeting will hold on December 1st, 2007, while the Walk will come up December 20th, 2006.

Join us to make it areality....and i will be here to say Eureka !


All Co-Directors.....

About this event: UN Global Youth Leadership Summit
About the book: "The Road Ahead"

....sorry we have not been able to meet or start the eClass. It is due to the ICT framework we had planned to make use of as a backbone for training. We look forward to a favourable outcome soon.


Nigerian sultan among crash dead ...

Related to country: Nigeria

Victor Gotevbe saw this story on the BBC News website and thought you
should see it.

** Nigerian sultan among crash dead **
The leader of Nigeria's Muslims is among those killed as a plane carrying 100 people crashes near the capital.
< http://news. bbc.co.uk/ go/em/fr/ -/2/hi/africa/ 6096420.stm >

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Akinbo A. A. Cornerstone.
President, CNY.



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About the book: "World Youth Report 2005: Young People Today, and in 2015"

“We will be most grateful if you will distribute this mail various sports forums”

Dear Comrades,

Warm Greetings from Africa Youth Ministries Uganda . We're a Child & Youth focused Non Profit Making organisation working in Uganda, implementing projects that address problems facing young people.

Currently, we're looking for Volunteers for our sports outreach programme for Rakai, Wakiso & Jinja Districts. Our major target in this programme are out of school young people & AIDS Orphans. Through sports gatherings & tournaments we educate AIDS Orphans & out of school youth about HIV/AIDS Prevention skills and we see many signing Abstinence Cards pledging to wait until marriage. Besides, through play therapy, we provide psycho-social counselling services for AIDS & WAR Traumatised Children. Would you like through your skills to educate such young people and AIDS Orphans? The time is now and the opportunity is here. Answer the call today! Visit our website at www.aymu.org/ kick or www.aymu.org/ Volunteer. htm

The most needed sports volunteers, will be responsible for coaching young people in our projects into various sports & games activities. Through play therapy deliver Psycho-trauma counselling services. Just by playing with such young vulnerable Children means a lot to them emotionally and spiritually. We will be most grateful if you answer this call today.


Albert Kunihira

Country Director/AIDS Activist/Peace Ambassador

Africa Youth Ministries Uganda

P.O. Box 20029 , Kampala-Uganda

T: +256-752-385622/ +256-41-287151

F: +256-41-287151

E: admin@aymu.org

I: www.aymu.org


Nigerian Youth Summit 2006 !

About this event: The role of Youths in Nation Building using the IT Facility.
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.... [ Proudly Nigeria] Digest Number 3.

All those who wish to come should still go ahead to pay and arrive on time (19/10/2006) such that accommodation could be made available. Summit Materials and Feeding will be take care, as well as accommodation, if all obligation according to documents attached in the yahoo group is read and printed.

Once again, I wish to state our unresolved apology for any suspected lateness. Some modalities would be put in place to change the tentative schedule such that it could take into consideration those that will be arriving late on October 20th, 2006. This means that the attendees will have to work all night.

Be informed that the event is an attempt to ensure that we generate proper documentation and foster implementation of policies concerning all sectors relevant to the Millennium Developmental Goals.

Remember, you talk, I walk, it works.

Akinbo A. A. Cornerstone
Member, Board of Trustee, NiRA.
(Nigerian Internet Registration Association)
08056681661, 08038604060.

Regional Liason Office,
West African Youth Leadership Association (WAYLA)
151, Lagos Abeokuta Expressway,
Ota (beside Spring Bank) – Abeokuta,
Ogun State. Nigeria

Council of Nigerian Youths
2a yaya street, off marquis road,
Shasha – Akowonjo,
Post Office Box 17269,
Ikeja – Lagos State

Director, SCN-Africa ,

c/0 Department of Psychology,
Faculty of Social Science,
Obafemi Awolowo University,
Ile-Ife, Osun State.

Note: forwarded message attached.


African Regional Youth Initiative- October (Update)

About this event: The role of Youths in Nation Building using the IT Facility.
About the book: "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Signet Classics (Paperback))"

(5) Opportunities:

a) Development Analysts
b) Panel on African Commissions

************ ********* ********* *********

********* ********* ********* ***
Development Analysts

The Forum for Global Action: Africa

Edition, in partnership with the African Regional Youth Initiative sent a call in August seeking
writers to fill 10 Development Analyst positions. Positions begin October 2006 for a period of 6 months or one year. The Development Analyst position is designed for members of organizations and/or networks in Africa. Youth and women are encouraged to apply. Development Analysts should have knowledge of development issues at community, national, regional, and international levels, gained from relevant academic studies or other experiences. Analysts will also present the work of the Forum for Global Action to promote civil society collaboration on the continent.

This position is an excellent opportunity for someone who enjoys writing, is proactive, and is able to clearly articulate (in English or French) their views on development in Africa. Articles will
appear on the Forum's weekly newsletter and blog, as well as other publications and conference materials. In addition, the Forum for Global Action will work with Development Analysts to publish opinion pieces about global issues in other local and national publications.

This is a great chance for somebody energetic to play an integral role in a fast-paced, creative and driven organization that is in the midst of expanding its scale of operation for a greater impact
in Africa and beyond.

To apply: Please send your resume to lfortinsky@africani nitiative.org. Also, please include a writing sample of no more than 200-300 words. Applications should be submitted no later than October 15, 2006.


Choices...draft !

About this event: The role of Youths in Nation Building using the IT Facility.
About the book: "Rage of Angels"

That’s something we all have and make consciously or unconsciously. Not making a choice in itself is a choice. You outlook to life and what you make of life are products of your choices. Two things happen to us in life, accidents (events we can do nothing about) and incidents (events we plan for).you can govern the accident that befall you but you can choose how you'll handle them. Even the worst of situations can be handled rightly it’s all a matter of choice. I know a great guy, he had an auto crash about 8years ago, He lost his legs and was confined to a wheelchair, it seemed all was lost but he choose to still be a force to reckon with and today. He is a loud voice for the physically changed. That’s just one of many; the list is endless of those who rose from the worst of accidents, its all about the choice they made.
Each day you are faced with the challenge of making the right choice, it may not be convenient but it will payoff eventually.


African Regional Youth Initiative- October (Update)

About this event: The role of Youths in Nation Building using the IT Facility.

(3) Recent organizations to join ARYI


Centre for Disaster Management and

Humanitarian Assistance- Kenya
African Renaissance Movement- USA
Sierra Comrades Action Group- Sierra Leone
Alliance Cornerstone Youth Organization -


For information on joining ARYI or a

specific country team in Africa, please contact info@africaninititative.org.


African Regional Youth Initiative- October (Update)

About this event: The role of Youths in Nation Building using the IT Facility.

(2) ARYI Partnerships:

ARYI has gained additional community,

national, regional and
international partnerships with

organizations that have a similar
vision on development issues in Africa.

One of the new partner
organizations is the World Council for

Corporate Governance (WCCG).
ARYI was invited to join WCCG by the

Former Prime Minister of
Sweden, Ola Ullsten. The WCCG also works

with former and current
world leaders from Canada, India and

countries in the Caribbean.

WCCG believes in broadening the role of

corporate governance in
alleviating poverty in conformance with UN

Global Compact and UN
Millennium Development.

ARYI will be working with WCCG to bring

the African context to
discussions and WCCG planning, including

their up-coming Global
Conference on Social Responsibility in Dom

Pedro Golf Hotel,
Vilamoura, Portugal from 15-17 February

2007. Specific planning and
ways to participate in this conference

will be announced in November


African Regional Youth Initiative- October (Update)

About this event: The role of Youths in Nation Building using the IT Facility.

1. Project Updates- African Women of

Distinction project
2. ARYI Partnerships
3. Recent organizations to join ARYI
4. Donor Meeting
5. Opportunities
a) Development Analysts
b) Panel on African Commissions
6. Up-coming ARYI events in Nigeria:

************ ********* ********* *********

********* ********* ********* ***
************ ********* ********* *********

(1) Project Updates:

African Women of Distinction project- A

leadership and mentorship
program for women leaders in Africa

The African Women of Distinction project

(with a start-up budget of
$10,000) profiles the leadership and

impact of women who come from
across Africa and represent diverse

social, religious, economic and
political backgrounds, transcending

perceived cultural, religious,
sectoral and generational divides. The

women have been nominated by
community members through a African-wide

call out. They are mothers,
government and business leaders, community

activists, scientists,
and grandmothers. The women have in common

a personal vision that
helped her to overcome social obstacles

and paved a way for the
betterment of people's lives in her


In addition, the women:
-Are a positive role model and demonstrate

leadership in their
chosen field
-Have made an impact at local, national or

international levels
-Have been the first in initiating an

activity that made living
conditions better for others
-Embody excellence and leadership in her

field of endeavor
-Have shown courage in public life and

public service or is/has been
involved in a great cause for the

uplifting of humanity.

She is also a role model for younger women

in Africa and around the
world. The African Women of Distinction

project provides a reality-
based and all-encompassing depiction of

women in Africa, including
their role as nurturers, as agents of

peace, women who have
challenged conventional thinking as a

"social rebel".

Integrated within the African Women of

Distinction project is an
African Women of Distinction Leadership

and Mentorship program that
unites and builds solidarity between women

of all ages and cultures,
and facilitates mentorship between each

other. One hundred and fifty
young men and women between the ages of 18

and 30 have to date
joined this project under the mentorship

and leadership components.
These young leaders are presently building

a women's leadership
program in their respective countries,

creating a young women's
network, and conducting research and

developing publications on
women`s leadership. Each of these young

leaders will also be
involved in the development of a video

documentary and book that
will highlight their lives and also the

lives of twenty women
leaders in Africa.

The video documentary, book and pod casts

will be the first of
several editions of this project. Planned

in 2007 and beyond is to
replicate this project in other regions of

the world. Plans are
already underway to form partner with

global women's organizations
to make this a global project.

The African Women of Distinction project

has gained tremendous media
interest including from the BBC, IPS, and

the UN radio station.
Interviews with each media station have

been conducted and more are
planned for the year. Based on this

interest, the project has
developed a blog at http://www.awod.

wordpress. com which will become
a virtual `meetings place' for

participants worldwide. The bog will
also serve as an opportunity to mentoring

computer skills, as well
as an online exchange forming networks,

building cooperation and
sharing progress. Also in place is the

projects website at
http://www.amandako ster.com/ awod, and

pod casts will be created with
the partnership of various media sources.

A number of organizations have also

partnered with the African Women
of Distinction project, including YWCA

Tanzania who will play a role
in hosting a launch later this year.

Individuals such as the former
Rwandan Ambassador to the US has also

joined as project
collaborators. To date, four interns based

in the U.S. have begun to
work with the project. By November 2006,

the project will have
collected a total of 100 nominations for

women leaders in Africa.
After a selection process, twenty women

will be selected for a video
documentary that will be taped early 2007.


Independence Day...

About this event: The role of Youths in Nation Building using the IT Facility.
Related to country: Nigeria
About the book: "The Da Vinci Code"

...was spent with great minds in Ilesha with the intent to make Nigeria greater...my health is strong and i intend to cover some beats today at end of the ceremony. Happy day to come for my comrades.



About this event: The role of Youths in Nation Building using the IT Facility.
Related to country: Nigeria


Dear Friend,

We bring to your notice, NAYA’s success in supporting four of its youth members to attend and actively participate in the review of the 1995 National Adolescent Health Policy, taking place at:

Venue: Ostra Hotels, behind M.K. O. Abiola Gardens, Ikeja, Lagos
Date: 25th –27th
Time: 9am-5pm daily

You are also invited to cease the opportunity of virtual participation at the meeting. This is a privilege that will give you first hand knowledge of the day-to-day deliberations and opportunity to make your input as regards the review of this policy. We know that this review concerns you, although it may not be possible for you all to be there in person. However, NAYA presents online inroad for you to exercise your civic responsibilities to be a visible partaker in decisions that will affect the future.

Thank you for the decision to make your voices count. For information visit the NAYA website. www.nayafrica.tk

Titilola Bello
Youth Development Network

On behalf of
National Coordinator
Network for Adolescents and Youths of Africa(NAYA


Save Children Now members....

About this event: The role of Youths in Nation Building using the IT Facility.
Related to country: Nigeria
About the book: "Nelson Mandela Speaks: Forging Democratic Nonracial South Africa"

Congratulatiuons to all members...

Our North Regional Co-Director, David Habba is in Charge of delegation of duties in your area. However, the Information he can give is that you get into the yahoo group (use the link below) and also make use of the google link on our home page.


You will also be asked to choose the unit you would like be placed. It is important that we start the training once the number of registered Co - Directors hit One Thousand. At the time of this communication, we are pass that mark. All we need is to update our membership to start some other procedural programs.

In Nigeria, the Nigerian Youth Summit 2006 will be holding talks on the role of the Youth in Nation Building using the ICT Facility. One of its sub-theme in the mino class for next Summit is the African Charter and its' implementation in the states of the federation. This will lead to the publishing of the "Nigerian Youths: Who is who !". Care to be published ? Write councilofnigerianyouths@yahoo.com.

Finally, our duty will be to engage the policymakers, to buld a database of care-center in need of capital support and be felt to be advocate of the global child...all you need to do is speakout !

Akinbo A. A. Cornerstone
African Co-Director, SCN.
234 805 668 1661



About this event: The role of Youths in Nation Building using the IT Facility.
Related to country: Nigeria
About the book: "Things Fall Apart : A Novel"






The Conference & Training Centre Lagos, Elephant House,
16th & 17th Floors, 214 Broad Street, Lagos.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


NiPRO International is a global network of motivated young Nigerian professionals working together to build a prosperous, united and stronger Nigeria now and for the future. NiPRO is a subdivision of the AFRican PROfessionals (AfriPRO) Network Inc.

Our vision (worldwide)
To build a new positive image and appreciation for young Nigerian professionals and Nigeria, her culture and her people!"

Our Mission
Fostering the growth of highly talented, socially responsible and dynamic young Nigerian professionals to
- Address issues that affect young Nigerians
- Build meaningful contacts
- Cultivate impeccable professionalism
- Discover business etiquette & protocol
- Exchange ideas & visions
- Foster Travelers' Philanthropy in Nigeria

NiPRO has five pillars upon which we are building the Network:
- Professional Development
- Wealth Creation & Investment
- Cultural & Political Awareness
- Technology
- Community Service i.e. Medical & Technology Missions via Travelers' Philanthropy


In the last twenty years, the number of international migrants around the world has increased 200% from 100 to 200 million per year. As a matter of fact, there is a phenomenal growing interest amongst young Nigerians migrating to Europe and America in search of greener pastures. By so doing they help in the continual advancement of these continents, and further strengthen the brain drain initiative while leaving Nigeria untouched. Unfortunately, these migrants have more difficulty than permanent residents, in the country of destination, accessing services such as health, housing and education, and are often the target of unfair policies and discrimination by local citizens. These students and professionals who make up a large chunk of the migrants are unaware of the steps to take in surviving and living over there, problems they might encounter, challenges in relocating, and untapped opportunities here in Nigeria. A lot of young people are faced daily with confusion, discouragement, disenchantment, disarray, injustice, advance fee fraud, tribalism and general decay pervading the whole society. These social evils have left a lot of young Nigerians in the dungeon of despair and have beclouded their vision to be patriotic and professional.

Hence, the mass migration of young Nigerians to seek greener pastures in a foreign land(s). There are about five million young Nigerians living abroad, with over 20,000 doctors, 5,000 lawyers, 5000 technological experts living in the United States.

It is in light of the foregoing that the Nigerian Professionals (NiPRO) International Network conceptualized the READY..? SET..? STAY NIGERIA! project. The initiative will explore opportunities, discuss possible impediments and doubts, and also emphasize the incentives and existing opportunities in Nigeria and offer advice to practicing entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs; thereby drawing an accurate picture of business in Nigeria. It will also discourage Nigerians from running overseas to live there but to stay in Nigeria to help in the ongoing developmental works. It will also compliment the efforts of the READY...? SET..? GO Africa initiative for Africans in Diaspora.

The initiative will be in serial workshops and seminars that will include lectures, panel discussions with audio visual aids, case studies, syndicate work, film show and field visitation where necessary. Facilitators will be drawn from Nigerian Immigration Service, Foreign Embassies, the Diaspora, Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), National Orientation Agency, Educational institutes and Non-governmental organizations.

This particular event will attempt to answer the following questions:

1. What are the benefits of being a Nigerian citizen?
2. What are the tangible benefits of holding a Nigerian passport?
3. What opportunities exist in Nigeria?
4. Why should Nigerians be patriotic?
5. How can young Nigerians build a new Nigeria?
6. Why National pride amidst poverty?


The Conference and Training Centre Lagos is located on the Island; a central location and has a very serene environment which allows for learning and good interaction. It is situated within the Elephant House with working elevators.


The Seminar would be focused on issues bordering on Migration, Immigration, Patriotism, Economic Empowerment, Leadership, Citizenship, Nation Building and Networking, amongst others.


The Ready…? Set…? Stay Nigeria!!! programme for young Nigerians professionals desires to achieve the following objectives:

 To empower young Nigerians into joining the course of rebuilding Nigeria with their expertise and resources.
 To stimulate creativity amongst young Nigerian professionals, upcoming professionals and graduate students.
 To expose existing entrepreneurial opportunities amongst young Nigerians.
 To promote and strengthen networking amongst participants on youth development issues.
 To facilitate the exchange of leads, recommendations and ideas.
 To develop action plans and execute a programme for young Nigerian professionals development while supplementing already existing initiatives and encourage the advancement of fresh ones.


• Expansion of professional horizons for all participants.
• Economic empowerment and capacity building for all participants.
• Development of measurable and realistic action plans and execution of subsequent programmes.
• Promotion of the Nigerian brand.
• Further develop and strengthen the NiPRO Network.
• Acquiring and sharpening networking skills.
• Build and sustain a website (www.readysetstayng.org) projecting the positive image of Nigeria.


The resource persons are well experienced young professionals who will analyze the issues of Migration. A lead paper will be presented by Mr. Edi Lawani, MD of Edi Lawani and Associates (Alternative Approach Konsultancy), an entertainment Communications company. Mr. Lawani is a trained and seasoned journalist who later worked with PMAN, got involved in Artist Management, Events Management and now into Show Production.

The panelists include Mr. Isaac Anjorin of the Nigerian Immigration Service, Miss Morayo Akabashorun, AGM NiPRO representing the Nigerian Diaspora; and Mr. Oyebanjo Okunnuga, a young entrepreneur, CEO, Kubacle Clothing and Mr. Chidi Enwerem, lecturer, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Lagos State University. Victor Gotevbe, General Manager NiPRO Nigeria and Personnel Officer of Vanguard Media Limited will serve as the Moderator.

Other guests include Lari Williams veteran actor.


This is free for the first registered forty interested participants but will pay a token of N500 for the seminar materials and others will have to pay the sum of two thousand five hundred naira (N2,500).


This is the time various stakeholders, the Government, Civil society Organizations, Corporate Bodies, Non-governmental development organizations and all other stakeholders consider youth development as a corporate social responsibility that require urgent and maximum attention. The NiPRO activities have a broad effect in that the beneficiaries take what they get from NiPRO back to their various communities and their work places and effect positive changes. This will reap long term benefits for your organization and for our growing global economic community. You will be dealing with young Nigerians who believe and are working towards the vision of a new Nigeria. There is also advertising and marketing benefits of your products or services amongst our clientele.


Monitoring will be an ongoing activity and Evaluation will be periodic. This will be conducted through interviews and open-ended questionnaires from participants of all our events. Periodic reports will be prepared that identify the major findings of the evaluation and how they have been used to improve our events. The services of professional evaluators will be engaged in due course.



Since some participants will be coming from outside Lagos. NiPRO can help make hotel arrangement for interested participants but cannot at this stage provide free accommodation. Participants will be responsible for payment of hotel bills and feeding. However, light refreshment will be served in during the event.


Participants will be responsible for their transportation to and from the venue.


Conference materials include a flier, NiPRO document, coat of arms, a national flag, a copy of the National Anthem and the certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants and facilitators at no cost.


EMAIL: gotebs@gmail.com, gotebs@niproinc.com, info@niproinc.com
TEL: 08033057677, 08033970935, 08052028105, 08033539465
Website: www.niproinc.com



Kamiludeen Olufowobi
Executive Director, NiPRO International – Tel: 7327344873 (US)

Kamil Olufowobi, a young Nigerian professional, who studied in Singapore, worked in London, traveled to Australia & backpacked around Europe & South East Asia, generally, considers himself to be "a global citizen." He is creative with efficient work habits and a team player with proven leadership qualities. He has excellent communication skills with working knowledge of Chinese Mandarin and French.

Masters Degree, International Affairs
Bsc, Information Technology, New Jersey Inst. of Technology, USA
Engineering Exchange Program, Nanyang University, Singapore

- Youth Coordinator, International Institute of Peace through Tourism 2002-2003
- Honorary Member, Tourism Society 2002 - 2003
- Who’s Who among Students in American Universities & Colleges 2000 & 2002
- NJIT Dean of Student Services Outstanding Leadership Award 2001
- Founder & President, Organization of African Students (NJIT & RUTGERS Univ.) 99 – 00

- The Conference Board, Manhattan, NY - Communications Manager
- World Travel & Tourism Council, London, United Kingdom - IT Project Manager
- Merck Sharp & Dohme (Singapore) Ltd., Singapore - Programmer / Web Designer
- Harvard University, Africana.com Inc. Cambridge, MA - Programmer / Web Designer

Victor Gotevbe
General Manager, NiPRO International Nigeria
Tel: 0803 305 7677
Victor Gotevbe, a young Nigerian professional, who majored in Philosophy at St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary, is currently a student member of Nigerian Institute of Public Relations and an Associate Member of Nigerian Institute of Management while working at Vanguard Media as the Personnel Officer. He possesses admirable drive and passion to serve humanity wholeheartedly and selflessly. He has been trained both locally and internationally on leadership, good governance, democracy, human rights and social entrepreneurship.

B.Sc., Philosophy, St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

- President, Apapa Golden Leo Club, Youth Activity, Lions International Club, District 404
- President, Literary and Debating Society, St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary
- Executive, Cooperative Thrift and Credit Society (CTCS) Vanguard Media Limited
- Editorial Adviser of NewsMakers Magazine
- Assistant Secretary of the Police Community Relations Committee (Trinity Division)
- Ambassador, Centre for Values in Leadership
- Trustee, Society of youths for Positive Change International
- Most Active Male of the First Democratic series participation, learning, action and youth
Network, sponsored by National Endowment for Democracy, Washington DC.

Obinna Nwobi M.D.,
President, NiPRO International USA – Tel: 973 230 0819 (NJ)
Obinna Nwobi, a young Nigerian professional, who is a medical doctor, is involved in several non-profit organizations including American Friends Foundation for African Healthcare Services (AFFAHS) and International Children's Heart foundation (ICHF). His most impressive accomplishments includes organizing several medical missions to Nigeria the most recent with Kanu Heart foundation (KHF) where they performed lifesaving heart.

Resident Surgeon, UMDNJ, New Jersey, USA
Doctor of Medicine, University of Tennessee, USA
B.Sc. English with Honors

Black Tennessean Medical Scholarship
ETSU Outstanding Achievement Award, English Department
American Chemical Society Scholarship Award
Golda Merrill English Memorial Scholarship
Eastman Chemical Company Minority Student Award
National Honor Societies: Alpha Lambda Delta-National Academic Honor Society for freshmen, Gamma Beta Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta-International English Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi.
Who’s Who among Students in American Universities & Colleges 1996

Director, American Friends Foundation for African Healthcare Services (AFFAHS) and
Director International Children’s Heart Foundation, Africa
Co-chairperson Black Scientist Project, Student National Medical Association
National Medical Association/Bluff City Chapter Fellow

Segun Olufowobi
President, NiPRO International Europe
Tel: 07957442093 (UK)

Segun Olufowobi, young Nigerian Professional, who majored in business and finance with post graduate studies in management studies.

President & CEO, The Flamebridge group of Companies, IT and Management Consultancy firms with multinational clients such as Nestle, ConocoPhillips Ltd., MI Service Ltd., Renesas Technology Group, Nike (European Operations), Quest International & much more.


Morayo Akabashorun (Assistant General Manager)
Attained her associate degree at Mercer County Community College, New Jersey, USA where she was a recipient of the: Outstanding Student Award and Student Leadership Award, 1998; Honors Convocation Award, 1999; and Student of the Year Award, 2000.
Thereafter, she attained her bachelor’s degree in Human Resource and Political Science at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA where she was President of an African Students Organization known as TWESE. She served as a NiPRO Official in the USA before her return to Nigeria in 2003. Currently, she served her youth corps at City Express Bank Headquarters, Lagos. She until recently was the Human Resources Manager of CMC Connect (Perception Managers) in Lagos. She has excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills with a passion to empower and elevate young Nigerian women to higher level of professionalism

Oluyinka Adeoti – Outreach Manager
Akinmade Akinrimade – Business Development Manager
Olajumoke Olawade- James- Public Relations Officer
Babasola Bamiro- Business Development Executive
Enyioma Anaba- Events Coordinator


Kofi bows out...with a speech !

Madam President,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

When I first spoke to you from this podium, in 1997, it seemed to me that humanity faced three great challenges. One was to ensure that globalization would benefit the human race as a whole, not only its more fortunate members.

Another was to heal the disorder of the post-cold-war world, replacing it with a genuinely new world order of peace and freedom, as envisaged in our Charter.

And the third was to protect the rights and dignity of individuals, particularly women, which were so widely trampled underfoot.

As the second African to serve as Secretary-General, I felt that all three of these challenges – the security challenge; the development challenge; the challenge of human rights and the rule of law – concerned me directly. Africa was in great danger of being excluded from the benefits of globalization – indeed, of being left to rot on the margins of the world economy. Africa was also the scene of some of the most protracted and brutal conflicts.

And many of Africa's people felt they were unjustly condemned to be exploited and oppressed, generation after generation, since colonial rule had been replaced by an inequitable economic order on the global level, and sometimes by corrupt rulers and warlords at the local level. In the decade since then, many people have been struggling to
confront these three global challenges. Much has been achieved, but events have also presented us with new challenges – or rather, have given the old ones new form, or a sharper bite.

In the economic arena, both globalization and growth have continued at a pace.
Some developing countries, notably in Asia, have played a major role in this growth. Many millions of their people have thereby been released from the prison of perpetual poverty.

Meanwhile, at the level of development policy, the debate has advanced, moving from rival models to agreed targets. And the world has now recognized HIV/AIDS as a major challenge to development, and begun to confront it. I am proud of the role the United Nations has played in this. Development, and the Millennium Development Goals, now take pride of place in all our work.

But let's not delude ourselves. The Asian miracle is yet to be replicated in other parts of the world. And even within the most dynamic Asian countries, its benefits are far from equally shared. By the same token, the Millennium Goals are unlikely to be achieved
everywhere by 2015. True, in many developing countries there is now a much better
understanding of what good governance is, and why it's important. But many
still fall short of it in practice.
True, there is progress on debt relief, as well as encouraging promises on aid and investment. But the “global partnership for development” is still more phrase than fact – especially in the all-important area of trade.

My friends, globalization is not a tide that lifts all boats. Even among those who the statistics tell us are benefiting, many are deeply insecure, and strongly resent the apparent complacency of those more fortunate than themselves. So globalization, which in theory brings us all closer together, in practice risks driving us further apart.

Are we any more secure against the second challenge – the ravages of war?

Again, some statistics would tell us so. There are fewer inter-state conflicts than there used to be; and many civil wars have ended. Here too, I am proud of the United Nations' role in this. And I am proud of what my fellow Africans have achieved in ending many of the conflicts that disfigured our continent.

But here too, we should be under no illusion.

In far too many parts of the world – especially the developing world – people are still exposed to brutal conflicts, fought with small but deadly weapons.

And people in all parts of the world are threatened – though some are more aware of it than others – by the spread of weapons of mass destruction. It is shameful that last year's Summit Outcome does not contain even one word about non-proliferation and disarmament – basically because states could not agree which of the two should be given priority. It is high time to end this dispute, and tackle both tasks with the urgency they demand.

Moreover, just as some who benefit from globalization may feel threatened by it, so, many who are statistically safer from conflict do not feel safe.

For that, we have terrorism to thank. It kills and maims relatively few people, compared to other forms of violence and conflict. But it spreads fear and insecurity. And that in turn drives people to huddle together with those who share their beliefs or their way of life, while shunning those who appear “alien”.

Thus, at the very time when international migration has brought millions of people of different creed or culture to live as fellow-citizens, the misconceptions and stereotypes underlying the idea of a “clash of civilizations” have come to be more and more widely shared; and insensitivity towards other people's beliefs or sacred symbols – intentional or
otherwise – is seized upon by those who seem eager to foment a new war of religion, this time on a global scale.

Moreover, this climate of fear and suspicion is constantly refuelled by the violence in the Middle East. We might like to think of the Arab-Israeli conflict as just one regional conflict amongst many. But it is not. No other conflict carries such a powerful symbolic and emotional charge among people far removed from the battlefield.

As long as the Palestinians live under occupation, exposed to daily frustration and humiliation; and as long as Israelis are blown up in buses and in dance-halls: so long will passions everywhere be inflamed.

On one side, supporters of Israel feel that it is harshly judged, by standards that are not applied to its enemies – and too often this is true, particularly in some UN bodies.

On the other side, people are outraged by the disproportionate use of force against the Palestinians, and by Israel's continued occupation and confiscation of Arab land.

As long as the Security Council is unable to end this conflict, and the now nearly 40-year-old occupation, by bringing both sides to accept and implement its resolutions, so long will respect for the United Nations continue to decline. So long, too, will our impartiality be questioned. So long will our best efforts to resolve other conflicts be
resisted, including those in Iraq and Afghanistan, whose peoples need our help just as badly, and are entitled to it. And so long will our devoted and courageous staff, instead of being protected by the blue flag, find themselves exposed to rage and violence, provoked by policies they neither control nor support.

But what about the third great challenge facing humanity – the challenge of the rule of law, and our rights and dignity as human beings?

Here, too, there has been significant progress.

More rights have been enshrined in international treaties – and this Assembly is now about to codify the rights of a group who particularly need it: people who suffer from handicaps and disabilities. More governments today are elected by, and are accountable to, those whom they govern.

Humanity has actually brought to justice some of those who committed the most heinous crimes against it. And this Assembly, meeting last year at the highest level, has solemnly proclaimed the responsibility – of each individual State in the first instance, but ultimately of the whole international community, acting through the United Nations – to “protect populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity”.

And yet.

And yet, every day, reports reach us of new laws broken; of new bestial crimes
to which individuals and minority groups are subjected. Even the necessary and legitimate struggle around the world against terrorism is used as a pretext to abridge or abrogate fundamental human rights, thereby ceding moral ground to the terrorists and helping them find new recruits.

Sadly, once again the biggest challenge comes from Africa – from Darfur, where the continued spectacle of men, women and children driven from their homes by murder, rape and the burning of their villages makes a mockery of our claim, as an international community, to shield people from the worst abuses.

In short, Madam President, the events of the last ten years have not resolved, but sharpened, the three great challenges I spoke of – an unjust world economy, world disorder, and widespread contempt for human rights and the rule of law. As a result, we face a world whose divisions threaten the very notion of an international community, upon which this institution stands.

And this is happening at the very time when, more than ever before, human beings throughout the world form a single society. So many of the challenges we face are global. They demand a global response, in which all peoples must play their part.

I deliberately say “all peoples”, echoing the preamble of our Charter, and not “all states”. It was clear to me ten years ago, and is even clearer now, that international relations are not a matter of States alone. They are relations between peoples, in which so-called “non-state actors” play a vital role, and can make a vital contribution. All must play their part in a true multilateral world order, with a renewed, dynamic United Nations at its centre.

Yes, I remain convinced that the only answer to this divided world must be a truly United Nations. Climate change, HIV/AIDS, fair trade, migration, human rights – all these issues, and many more, bring us back to that point. Addressing each is indispensable for each of us in our village, in our neighbourhood, and in our country. Yet each has acquired
a global dimension that can only be reached by global action, agreed and coordinated through this most universal of institutions.

What matters is that the strong, as well as the weak, agree to be bound by the same rules, to treat each other with the same respect.
What matters is that all peoples accept the need to listen; to compromise; to take each other's views into account.
What matters is that they come together, not at cross purposes but with a common purpose: a common purpose - to shape their common destiny.

And that can only happen if peoples are bound together by something more than just a global market, or even a set of global rules. Each of us must share the pain of all who suffer, and the joy of all who hope, wherever in the world they may live.

Each of us must earn the trust of his fellow men and women, no matter what their race, colour or creed, and learn to trust them in turn. That is what the founders of this Organization believed in. It is what I believe in. It is what the vast majority of people in this world want to believe in.

And that is what has spurred the reforms and new ideas of the United Nations over the last frenetic decade. From peacekeeping to peace building, from human rights to development and humanitarian relief, I have been lucky enough to preside over the Secretariat – and its wonderful, devoted staff – at a time when your ambitions for the Organization have sometimes seemed limitless – although your pocket books less so.

These last few weeks, especially, as I travelled through the Middle East, I saw again the legitimacy and the reach of the United Nations. Its indispensable role in securing the peace in Lebanon has reminded us all how powerful this Organization can be, when everyone wants it to succeed.

Madam President, dear friends:
This is the last time I shall have the honour of presenting my annual report to this Assembly. Let me conclude by thanking you all for allowing me to serve as Secretary-General during this remarkable decade. Together we have pushed some big rocks to the top of the mountain, even if others have slipped from our grasp and rolled back. But this
mountain with its bracing winds and global views is the best place on earth to be. It's been difficult and challenging, but at times thrillingly rewarding. And while I look forward to resting my shoulder from those stubborn rocks in the next phase of my life, I know I shall miss the mountain.

Yes, I shall miss what is, when all is said and done, the world's most exalting job. I yield my place to others with an obstinate feeling, a real obstinate feeling of hope for our common future.

Thank you very much.


Report of the Youth Day...from Kadunna

About this event: The role of Youths in Nation Building using the IT Facility.
Related to country: Nigeria
About the book: "Kane & Abel"



Aid foundation convened and hosted a one-day Interactive workshop to commemorate the International Youth Day with the theme: ‘Tackling Poverty Together’
The workshop attracted about 24 participants comprising NGO, academia, the media, and youths. Bonet Emmanuel who is the Program Coordinator or aid foundation declared the workshop opened and thanked everybody for honoring the invitation. He gave an overview/background of the International Youth Day and finally introduced the format and style that the discussion is expected to take.

The discussion was informal began and began with the moderator explaining that all efforts made to have a representation from the Ministry of Youths & Sports prove abortive due to the fact that all the officers responsible had travelled for a National youth event in Kano State. Therefore, he suggested with the permission of the participants that most of the discussions should focus inwardly rather than channeling or blaming the government, since none of the officers are present to talk from the government angle.
All participants that participated spoke passionately on several issues which include; understanding who is a youth; what poverty is; the barriers to youth development; how to overcome the barriers; how we can work together; who is responsible amongst others.

Barriers to Youth Employment
1. Lack of enabling environment: (Economic and Social)
For a country to improve the livelihood of its youth, it needs to have a comprehensive overview of all the contributing factors that are controlled or affected by government policies.
The opportunity:
Young people are the future, building the infrastructure and providing basic services can offer employment opportunities to youth
2. Lack of appropriate education targeted towards employment
The education system and the economic structure are not related, the probability that youths will receive an education that prepares them for employment is low. An unfair disparity between HND and BSc holders as it relates to employment fuels the issue.

The opportunity:
There is great preference for white collar jobs. Upon completion of their studies, young people want to work in offices. Blue collar jobs are greatly despised and considered “dirty” in the senses that they are dehumanizing and not recognized.

3. Fear to upset the Status quo:
Most young people fear to launch ventures however rewarding they may be. It is those who are less risk averse who normally upset the status quo and find themselves meaningfully employed either for others or for themselves.

The opportunity:
Youth who lack role models of successful enterprise may have limited horizons. While poor government policies can limit opportunity, lack of self-confidence can limit opportunities even where good government policies exist.

4. Laziness and Redundancy
Most young people lack the synergy to get out of unemployment, poverty, diseases and ignorance. Yet they have great expectations resulting into setting unrealistic transfer payments and continue to survive form handouts from relatives and friends. So they normally do not want to take low paid jobs.

The Opportunity:
Mental work is the most difficult exercise that youths engage in. Youths need to start thinking and harnessing the opportunities that surround them.

5. Inability to choose Carrier
Most urban young people are obsessed with the need to acquire degrees, again with little consideration to the worth or future returns expected to accrue as a result of possessing the academic qualifications. Mismatch between supply and demand for Labour arises leading to declines in wages for many professions.

The Opportunities:

Lesson Learnt
• Over 90% of the solution to our problems are found within and around us
• It is not enough just to know, as knowledge is mere acquisition of information. We need to be wise because wisdom is the application of knowledge.
• We are responsible for our actions or inactions – we should start thinking and stop looking
• The key to youth employment is the choices we make as we react or respond to the world. We can choose to take risks or not take risks. We can choose to pursue jobs that are available or complain about not getting jobs that are unavailable.

Communiqué / Workshop Resolution
At the end of the 1-day interactive workshop, the following communiqué’ was issued:
1. The workshop applauds aid foundation for convening the interactive discussion and challenging participants to look for alternatives in tackling poverty outside government even as we work together.
2. The workshop expressed appreciation at the aggregate of discussions, evaluation and review of content and a cross-culture fertilization of ideas on issues surrounding youth development employment and poverty.
3. Participants agreed that a youth is an age individual (independent range) and falls within the contributing age of the society. A youth can also be defined by the state of mind is of the individual (usually Energetic)
4. Participants agreed that poverty is inability to meet ones basic needs and poverty is very physical. It was also accepted in another perspective that poverty is ignorance, negative thoughts and negative actions.
5. The workshop agreed that youths should work towards converting all the barriers to youth employment into strengths through creativity for job creation.
6. Participants also called on all to network effectively and share information and ideas. Believing that there is strength in number and “together we achieve more”
7. The workshop resolved that the time to begin is now. Every youth is to start from him/her and the responsibility is theirs.
8. We must actively be involved in the planning and implementation of policies that affect youths and employment.
9. We must understand policies targeted at youths and to hold government accountable to its promises.
10. The workshop urged aid foundation to take a leadership role of initiating a process that will ensure sustainability of the network, expand youth participation and build youth capacity.
11. Increase opportunities by increasing information dissemination and networking.
12. Participants urged that youths need to take charge of their lives by committing and engaging in anything meaningful that will empower them.
13. The workshop resolved that a continuous and consistent forum be organized so as to create an opportunity for evaluation.
14. Participants called on youths to find their purpose, vision, what they can do best and do it.
15. The forum urged the media to do more by promoting youth development activities and giving them front page publicity as a way of showcasing and celebrating the fact that youths contribute to the society in which they live.
16. The workshop also expresses profound gratitude to all the numerous organizations, resource persons, youths and the media who in one form or the other provided support towards making the workshop a reality.

This communiqué’ was approved and issued on 12 August, 2006 at the Viewing Centre of aid foundation, Kaduna – Nigeria and endorsed by 24 participants that attended and fully participated in the International Youth Day Interactive Workshop, together with the media and resources persons from the academia.

Signed this 12th Day of August, 2005 in Kaduna – Nigeria.



Date: 20th September, 2006

Press Release…
Emerald Emmy Productions Company is an event management and entertainment consulting outfit whose business it is to package events for organisations, corporate bodies and individuals. As part of our firm resolve to keep up with our commitments, we are currently packaging and coordinating a grand and first of its kind event in Benin Republic – The Celebration of Nigeria’s Forty Sixth (46th) Independence Anniversary from Wednesday, 27th September - 1st October, 2006.
The event promises to be a mind-blowing event that will show case the rich cultural heritage of our great country as well as give our country people in the Diaspora a sense of fulfilment and pride in their nation Nigeria. It is also expected that there will be over Two thousand (2000) participants in the event.
This event is been packaged through a collaborative effort of other well intentioned organisations who have common goals and a vision to promote Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage and pride. The organisations are Holla Africa Magazine, Positive Outreach Foundation, Greetings Nigeria International, West African Youth Leadership Association and Vanguard for Positive Change.
The coordinating secretariat in Cotonou, Benin Republic is the Etudiants Sans Frontieres, an organisation that has distinguished itself and has an unbeatable track record and is led by a Nigerian in Benin Republic.
We deem it a great privilege to invite you to cover this event which comes up on the 1st October, 2006 at the Palasi De Congress in Cotonou, Benin Republic.
Many thanks for your understanding and co-operation.
Yours faithfully,
For: Emerald Emmy Productions Company

Dorgbaa Emmanuel

nota bene

if you are intrested in coming with us on the 29th of October, 2006, kindly get in touch by calling the above or 08056681661.


Stay Connected - Speak your world!....excert

About this event: hiv/aids forum
About the book: "Kane & Abel"

Publication: AIDS Vaccine Blueprint 2006: Actions to Strengthen Global
Research and Development
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

IAVI's global team is pleased to announce the publication of the AIDS
Vaccine Blueprint 2006: Actions to Strengthen Global Research and

This publication is the latest in a biennial series of AIDS vaccine
blueprints we have produced starting in 1998. This year's Blueprint takes
a comprehensive look at the achievements and challenges facing AIDS
vaccine science and policy, and provides a series of recommendations and
related goals to move the field closer to developing a vaccine.

The AIDS Vaccine Blueprint 2006 includes:

* an assessment of vaccine candidates in the pipeline;
* a discussion of key scientific obstacles challenging the discovery
and development of a vaccine;
* an analysis of critical financial, policy, and developing country
capacity building issues that need to be addressed; and
* recommendations to speed progress on a vaccine.

The urgency to find an AIDS vaccine has never been greater. With 40
million infections worldwide and three million deaths from AIDS each
year, we need exceptional global efforts to develop and deliver better HIV
prevention tools, especially a vaccine. Bold new initiatives are
required to shorten the timeline for success. This Blueprint is a call to
the field for expanded action and collaboration.

For copies of this report please visit our website at
www.iavi.org/blueprint or E-mail pubs@iavi.org to obtain a hard copy by mail.

Publications Unit
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
110 William Street, 27th Floor
New York, NY 10038
Web: http://www.iavi.org
E-Mail: pubs@iavi.org

Imagine a world without AIDS

Stay Connected - Speak your world!


asrhr parley with policymakers...

The Forum of Nigerain Parliamentarians on Adolescent Health comes up in November 2006. WATCHOUT.



About this event: The role of Youths in Nation Building using the IT Facility.
Related to country: Nigeria
About the book: "Weep Not, Child (African Writers Series)"

...and the trip to Benin has been taking my time. I will have to get to you later. I have been kidnnaped by CDA International for a project in LAGOS and need to prepare for a NiRA meeting coming up in ABUJA. I lost the WAYLA camera to armed bandits in Lagos on Wednsday....sad.

However, i met DammyWhite, FunmiSmiles et al, they fed me up and have been assisting me to take good shape with my flat fiat tommy and bombom. God is faithfull. I guess i will need more assistance. Judith was supposed to get me a scribe (personal one) 'cause the one in Ife is too sweet looking and pretty...a distraction for the job.


NAYA Abia, Ogun, Osun, and Benue has kicked off. Ogunbajo 'Funmi takes lead of Ogun, Adegoke Damilola takes lead of Osun (both females), Habba David takes lead of Benue and i may have to wait for who finally takes over Abia from me.

Nigerian Youth Summit Forms will be out by Friday with dates. It plans to be big. Council of Nigerian Youths Forms will be out soon too. The Nigerian Youths: Who is Who ? will be launched in December by the would be published asap.





Email ASAP!!!

Mrs. Greet Narsingh Director SCN

SCN has THE SOLUTION to STOP starvation NOW!

Thank you very much,

Mrs. Greet Narsingh
Founder & Director
Toronto, Ont.,Canada

You have a difference to make, for the children!





The Committee is pleased to announce SHAUN MELLORS as

the Communication
Focal Point for the Communities Living with HIV, TB and

affected by
Malaria delegation.

After the last Board meeting in April 2006 in Geneva, Ms

Lawson informed the communities delegation of her

decision not to continue
in the position of CFP for Communities delegation. The

delegation would like to thank Philippa for the enormous

amount of work and
time she has given to building and strengthening our

delegation. We
also want to thanks Mrs. Francoise Welter, delegation

member, who has been
serving as acting CFP between April and August 2006.

The Call for Nominations to solicit nominations by

August 9 deadline
for the position of CFP for the Communities Delegation

of the Global Fund
to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) was

announced mid July
in various e-groups and distribution lists. The

incumbent CFP serves a
two-years term, starting in September 15th. Applications

were submitted
to the Communities Alternate Board Member and all

candidates were
ranked by Selection Working Group members based on the

submitted documents
and established criteria. The selection working group

consisted of four
members of the communities delegation and the CFP´s of

the Developed
and Developing NGO´s Delegation.

The Committee is therefore pleased to announce SHAUN

MELLORS' selection
as the Communication Focal Point for Communities

delegation beginning
September 15, 2006.

Shaun Mellors, a South African living with HIV has 20

years experience
in national and international level HIV work. He was the

founder member
of the National Association of People Living with

South Africa, and a former Director of the Global

Network of People
Living with HIV/AIDS (GNP+). He was also the Community

Coordinator and
Community Chair of the Durban and Barcelona

International AIDS Conferences
respectively, and has served on the board of trustees of

the Southern
African AIDS Trust (SAT) and Dance4Life South Africa.

Shaun has worked
tirelessly for the greater involvement and recognition

of people living
with HIV in many different regions of the world and has

recently joined
the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

Shaun began his relationship with the Global Fund in

2004 when he
represented the communities living with HIV, TB and

affected by Malaria on
the Policy and Strategy Committee. Shaun is honoured to

be chosen as the
CFP for the communities delegation, as he says, "a

delegation that
consists of activists and advocates that represents

those individuals at
the frontline; those involved in policy, individuals

bringing the voices
of the voiceless, demanding action that will shape and

improve the
world the communities most affected by the 3 diseases

will live in. The
role of CFP for the communities' delegation is

challenging and daunting,
it is necessary to develop a coherent strategy that

allows for
communities and organisations on the national level to

be more actively involved
in work of the Global Fund, and the CFP and communities

delegation is
committed to ensuring that strategic relationships

should continuously
be formed and strengthened with partners on the regional

international level, and in particular with the TB and

Malaria sectors". Shaun
looks forward to working with all the relevant partners

to make this a

The Communities Delegation is pleased at this

appointment which will
enable and facilitate the strengthening process of our

including the formal and structured links with Global

and Regional PLWHA
Networks. These processes will be starting with Latin

America in the context
of the 14th Annual Board Meeting in Guatemala and will

continue in the
coming months to ensure the strengthening of ties with

the various
regional and national level networks.

On behalf of the Communities Delegation
Francoise Ndayishimiye (Board Member)
Javier Hourcade Bellocq (Alternate Board Member)

Sent by: Javier L. Hourcade Bellocq
Regional Representative/Representante Regional LAC /

America Latina y
el Caribe, The International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Alternate Board Member/ Miembro Suplente de la Junta

affected by the three diseases GFATM/ Comunidades

afectadas por las tres
enfermedades FGSTM

Phone & Fax: (5411) 43829095
Mobile: (54911) 63530131
Email: jhourcade@aidsalliance.org
Address: Avda. Corrientes 1253, 3 H
(C1043AAM) Buenos Aires - Argentina

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HIV/AIDS and the women left behind (8)

Konjit Kifetew, Ethiopia

I would like to see an independent women focused agency UNW - UN for
women. This is not to duplicate UNIFEM, but to strenghten UNIFEM.

The woman agency will be like other agencies with mandates,
responsibilities, accountability and most importantly, budget and human resources
like other UN agencies.

Why the need? This is in order to close the gap of the gender inequity
in development, poverty and HIV response. We need to have a global
body, responsible to bring about gender equity. The UN for women agency,
can have regional and sub regional offices.

I would like to emphasize the lack of focus on the implementation of
CEDAW, Beijing plan of action and other conventions is due to the lack of
strong international body accountable with a set of target, like UNICEF
and other agencies.

This agency will work with other agencies and will be a strong force in
mainstreaming gender in the international agencies.

[Mods note: In a move towards advancing women's rights and development
needs, a perspective posting "HIV/AIDS and the women left behind" has
generated an on-going debate among forum members as to whether efforts
should focus on improving existing UN-related agencies and/or on the
establishment of an independent multilateral women's agency. We encourage
you to share your views. Members can find recent "HIV/AIDS and the
women left behind" postings around this issue at
http://www.healthdev.org/eforums/cms/inv-archives.asp?sname=Break-the-silence on
the forum archives.]


Konjit Kifetew
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Email: konjitke@yahoo.com

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osunseyi oluwakemi abiola

born in ibadan, parental origin is obokun local government,ibokun in osun state

grandmates nursery and primary sch
queens college yaba lagos

16th of june 198?

reading and talking.


UK: 2007 Coca-Cola International Scholarships at The University of

The University of Edinburgh and Coca-Cola will offer TWO scholarships for undergraduate study in any subject offered by the university. The scholarship will cover the full tuition fees and an annual maintenance allowance of £5,000 and will be tenable for the duration of the programme of study.
The scholarships are competitive and will be awarded to citizens from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Russia and the Ukraine who are accepted for admission on a full-time basis for an undergraduate course of study and whose personal circumstances would make accepting an offer from the University of Edinburgh difficult.
Completed application forms must be returned to the Scholarships and Student Finance Office no later than 2 April 2007.
For more information, please visit the website.

Levan Kharatishvili
Executive Director
Civic Initiative Center
15, Dimitri Bakradze st.
Tbilisi 0179, Georgia
Phone: +995 (32) 93-18-51;
E-mail: levan@...


WiW 2007 Edition...Nigerian Youths !

CNY is announcing request for applications for celebrating Nigerian Youths selected for publication to expire in a period of five years. The "Nigerian Youth: Who is Who" 2007 Edition has taken of in Abuja with Tehinse as the Chairman, Portal Manager, Kunbi as the Chairman, Organising and David as the Chairman, Publicity.

If you are intrested in the publication of been an achiever, an image builder, with the intent to motivate individuals with your actions and achievement, kindly write to councilofnigerianyouths@yahoo.com and follow the instructions.

1. Be sure to read the information in the attached packet carefully;
2. Fill out completely the Request for on the form;
3. Sign and date the request form;
4. The deadline for the submission of request forms is TBA later.


Nigerian Youth Summit !

After much planning, all stakeholders have agreed to have the program for October 2006 in Abeokuta. However, the summit will witnes the launch of the "Who is who" in the mentorage and model cumulative sector of the Youth Industry.

Special Guest of honor has been resheduled and details will get to you later. Morso, we will be celebrating this years independence ceremony in Contonou with Adults cum Youth in the Diaspora.



The New Nigeian Dream...

...i was at Excellence Hotel to celebrate the birth of the Reformers of a new nation on the verge of new nation. Many spoke but am yet to conclude thier report for posting. It was fun and a little more effort is needed.NNLF is alive !



What you should know....


To revive Nigeria’s reading culture.

 Cultivating reading culture
 Organize writing and pronunciation competition
 Organize public reading by Authors

 Identifying and grooming of future leaders
 Building library with educative equipment in every local government area of the federation
 To create educative seminars to all youth
 To orientate people about the efficacy of reading

 Members will be help to develop a reading culture
 Book will be made available to members
 Meeting and sharing of ideas with like minded people at your convenience
 Seminars on entrepreneurial skills

I have had two seminars with this groups and thier leaders and look forward to facilitating more events.


HIV/AIDS issues in Rivers state

Dear all,
With the support of the State Action Committee on HIV/AIDS, DPI is
organising the Rivers State Youth Forum on HIV/AIDS, scheduled as

Date: August 24, 2006
Time: 10am
Venue: Taland Place Emekuku Street, DLine Port Harcourt.

If you are a youth working on HIV/AIDS issues in Rivers state and
interested in participating, kindly email:
dpi@developmentpartnership.org or call Juliet Ogbua on 084 751 002.
Kindly note that only pre-accredited organisations with official
invitation letters will be allowed entry as space is limited. No
registration fee is required.

Look forward to meeting you at Taland Place.

Chibuzo Governor Nwachukwu
Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS www.youthaidscoalition.org -
Development Partnership International
preparatory team Global Young Greens
Environmental Research Volunteer.


The truth about life

There are facts and truth which men do despised as they, search for their place in the history of time, from the well of my heart,i present this which i trust God that it will serve as a tonic to your willing heart. God bless.

The truth about life

This is true and it is real
Be committed to that that you do,
Yea, that that you have passion for
He who sows in the day
Do reap with joy in the night
Despise hinderances and distractions
And be shielded by endurance along the path
Ask, seek, and knock
Yes, you"ll find an open door and receive answer
This is true and it is real

This is true and it is real
A drop of water do make an ocean
A seed do produce a tree that produce seeds
Never despise your small beginning
The great lion of the forest
Was so feeble and dependent at birth
Great things of today starts small
Human race starts with just two individuals
All positive force and efforts produce positive result
This is true and it is real

This is true and it is real
Streams do move cos they find no where to gather
The birds hovers for long cos they find no where to rest
Fishes are more comfortable in a calm water
Keep moving then once there is a desire
Keep searching once you know what you want
Pearls are not discovered on the surface
Be diligent like a worthy Astronaunt
Cos men that seek do find
This is true and it is real.

This is true and it is real
There is treasure in bitterness
Great treasure are mostly find in despised site
Bitter experiences have made many better in life
Yea, make them to dine with kings
For where there is a need in life
There are so many ways to meet it
This is true and its real

This is true and it is real
The way up is always down
The journey of a thousand mile start with a step
Start with a step and keep moving
Only the lifeless don't walk
And to grow you need to be planted
Never be stagnant keep moving
You may not have answers to all you see
Make sure you are not stall
This is true and it is real

This is true and it is real
What you give to life is what you get
A man reaps what he sows
Your works can never deny you
Like a shadow it follows you everywhere
He who sow evil and negative
Reap nothing but evil and never will denied you
So watch your actions and works
This is true and it is real



Currently, am in Kaduna for the DESPLAY III event. It kicked off fine with a total outcome of the first and secound teams getting to meet. I would have loved to take you guys along (for those of you who read the mail i sent around), but the outcome of Capital for the Organisation is nothing to write home about at the moment.

I would appericite if you can log on to this blog for information on the new merger in town soon. We intend to get it started asap. All intrested bodies are highly



Dear akinbo,

We are delighted to announce the launch of Prevention Now!, a global campaign to increase access to female condoms throughout the world. As of the launch, Prevention Now! has more than 56 founding organizational supporters in the United States and 55 more organizational supporters worldwide. Our website, www.preventionnow.net is now live. On the site, you will find basic facts on female condoms, research, case studies, and a range of other resources.

Please join us! If you have not yet signed up as an organizational or individual supporter of this effort, please do so now by clicking here. We will keep you updated as we post new information, links to country campaigns, and updates on progress toward achieving universal access to this method.

Help us profile your work! Please let us know about your work on female condoms. If you are running a campaign to expand access to female condoms in your country, are interested in establishing a campaign, and/or are doing work to promote and provide female condoms in your own work, please let us know. We want to profile your work on the site. Send an email to change@genderhealth.org.

Over the next few months, we will be moving forward on our efforts to secure increased U.S. international funding for the purchase, distribution, and program support needed to ensure effective use of female condoms. We will simultaneously be working together with those in the international community and with national organizations seeking to ensure support for female condoms in their own countries. We’ll keep you posted on progress on all these areas and seek to foster links between one campaign and another.

With all best wishes,

Jodi Jacobson

Jodi Jacobson, Executive Director
Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE)
6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite 910
Takoma Park, Maryland 20912
Phone (301) 270-1182
Fax: (301) 270-2052


When friends counts...

...is whne you try to reachout to them and they recoil in horror. That is when you begin to count the number of those who say hello to you and wish to know who you are and what you can do for them.

I have very little friends but many enemies. Now, my enemies are my best friends.


Lodging on WAYLA Grounds ...

About this event: AIDS 2006 – XVI International AIDS Conference

...is free ! Kindly get your effects to be light and you will surely enjoy the ride.

Get to the yahoogroup of wayla and get the breakdown of event.

Welcome to the CAMP...It is well !



Pre-International AIDS Conference 2006...

About this event: AIDS 2006 – XVI International AIDS Conference

This is to inform all participants that wish to take part in the 3days event that all tose camping at WAYLA Regional Office are highly welcome to do so, without pride or prejudice.

Moreso, you are to come along with minds willing to travel but can not make it for financial reason. This woul avail all the opportunity to make one or two submissions on the positon paper.

for: WAYLA cum SCN.



About this event: AIDS 2006 – XVI International AIDS Conference

From Friday, August 4th to Sunday, 6th, 2006, Nigerians will converge at West
African Youth Leadership Association (WAYLA) Secretariat along Lagos-
Abeokuta Express Road in conjunction with the Save Children Now (SCN),
Council of Nigerian Youths (CNY) to prepare a position paper on the diverse
themes associated on HIV/AIDS. To Chair the Occasion will be Emmanuel
Etim from PPFN/CDA.
Subsequently, all participants are welcome to register for free. Payments are
made only on the issue of accommodation for those arriving on Friday. Kindly
contact the Program Manager (Emmanuel / Silas: 01-7925777). Writing and
Technological Materials will be provided at the Venue. Internet Conferencing
will be available at a price.
All participants interested to chair or facilitate a section of the pre-conference are
to send their paper on or before August 2nd, 2006. Suggestions and advice are
welcome from all and sundry.
For confirmation of attendance, kindly send a mail to waylay_ngr@yahoo.com
or akinbo@savechildrennow.org. You can also call our lines (08056681661,
08056520225, and 08057351116). You are welcome.
In preparation for the National Youth Summit comes up as scheduled.
Saturday, August 5th, 2006
11.00am to 2.00pm
Ogun and Lagos, simultaneously.
Allocation of T-Shirts to all will be done on the spot. Kindly come along with your
printed copy of invitation or cross-check application print out from the Registration
Unit. All Trousers or Skirts should be plain black.
Distribution of handbills on pressing issues concerning Education and Health will be
available courtesy of various Institutions responsible for such information. Any other
contribution will be screened for approval as we welcome collective donation towards
growth and development.
The Nigerian Youth Leaders Summit takes place two (2) months before the convening
of the Nigerian Youth Summit, at which youth leaders will discuss the progress they
have made in meeting up the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in their various
organizations and jurisdiction. The Goals are a set of development promises that the
191 member countries of the United Nations have pledged to meet by the year 2015,
such as eradicating poverty to developing a global partnership for development, which
can be related to the Gleneagles Package for Africa.
The Nigerian Youth Leaders Summit aims to encourage today’s young people to view
the pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals as the special mission of their
generation. At the summit, conference participants will engage in workshops and
discussions aimed at equipping them with the tools to effectively campaign and raise
support for the MDGs on their campuses, various organizations, local government,
states and in their respective district.
Thanks to the generous support of the Nigerian Polity, the conference is free for
selected students including food and tuition (although transportation is at participants'
Interested youth leaders and students should send a resume and brief cover letter
(subject: Application) the email below or apply through our online forum
(please scroll below for instructions).
Applications will be considered on a selection platform without bias through midnight
on Friday, August 11th, 2006 by 10.00 pm and applicants will be notified within 48
hours of submission if they have been selected to attend the conference. Nigerians-in-
Diaspora are also invited.
If you have any questions, please write (subject: enquirers) to
councilofnigerianyouths@yahoo.com or akinbo@savechildrennow.org
The Summit is sponsored by the Nigerian Polity. These are well meaning Nigerians
who have the interest of the youth at heart with the need to empower the less privileged
The conference is being co-sponsored by the West African Youth Leadership
Association (WAYLA), which has been in the forefront of training minds in the past
six (6) years with a track record of producing productive leaders.
Another co-sponsor is Ace Consult, Inc. The Incorporation has launched and supported
several major student-driven campaigns, such as the HIV/AIDS Walk campaigns, the
Student Campaign for Child Survival with PACT-OAU, and with Student Union of
various institutions in Nigeria.
The Save Children Now (SCN),Heartfelt Foundation, Readers Club of Nigeria, African
Youth Voice (AYV), Statesmen Foundation, Inc. (SFI), The Advocate, Yomm Kinboss
Nig. Ltd., amongst others is also co-sponsoring the event.
All financially committed outfits will be published in good time.
Students are invited to get involved immediately in the struggle to end the poverty of
inclusion in the National decision making by participating in the online forum of the
Nigerian Youth on the TIG Blog. Youth and student group’s leaders are asked to spread
the word about the MDGs by encouraging peers to participate in online discussions.
Log on to http://www.tigblog.org/group/cny and make your voice count.

Omolara Onafowope (Miss)
Co-Consultant, Ace Consults, Inc.
Co-Director, West Africa – SCN.


MindXchange Consulting

For your information: please pass to your contacts

MindXchange Consulting is the leader in enterprise-wide, world-class
solutions. Our training programs teach easy – to – use tools and skills
that help individuals create superior performance in the workplace. At
the same time, they deliver measurably improved bottom line results for
your organization.

Our work Philosophy is based on instilling a commitment to continuous
achievement and work enjoyment for the individual as well as the
organization. Measured results from our ongoing programs demonstrate that
taking care of human capital by developing their work and life skills
significantly impacts key business objectives including productivity,
customer service and profitability levels.


International Youth Day Entrepreneurship Workshop 2006

Preamble: On the International Youth Day August 12, 2006, we celebrate
the contributions that young people make to our world, and promote
awareness of the challenges young people face.

In the twenty-first century, every business’ controlling reality is
human capital. That means, your competitive future depends on how capable
you are to maximize human capital. Inspiration prepares people for
development and makes them to participate in their own growth.

There are roughly 70 million unemployed young people in the world
today, and many more are struggling for survival on low wages and in poor
working conditions, often in the informal sector, with little or no job
protection, benefits or prospects for the future.

Unemployment affects young people disproportionately: the 15 to 35 age
group accounts for more than 40 percent of the world’s total unemployed
and youth unemployment rates are typically two to three times higher
than the rates for adults.

Nigerian youths, are you interested in starting business? Have an idea
that has the potential to become a great business person? Then join us
for this fun creative and interactive workshop on creating and starting
your own business. Learn everything from basic economics, marketing to
money management. This is guaranteed to spark up the entrepreneur in

Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop helps youth facing barriers in starting
business develop the skills, knowledge and work experience they need in
the job creation. This program offers a range of activities that can be
tailored to meet individual needs and provide more intensive assistance
over longer periods of time.

Over the course of sections on the Philosophy, Psalms, Proverbs,
Paradigms, Practices and Processes of Inspiration, you’ll be armed with the
understanding and skills you need to:

• Inspire yourself and stay inspired

• Inspire others to be the best

• Develop the leader within and leaders around you

• Create a culture and a climate of excellence

• Help others Discover, Develop, and Demonstrate their

With this seminar you are on track to inherit the earth!

Theme: Self Reliance A sine –a-qua-non for Youth Empowerment: Achieving
maximum potentials through Enterprise and Self Reliance.

Aim: The aim of the workshop is to encourage self-employment for the
Nigerian youths.


· To help identify and harness their potentials through

· To acquaint youths with the basic skill required to be a
successful entrepreneur

· To give youth access to some basic support services

Eligible Participants:

To participate in the Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop, you must be:

· Between 15 and above at the time of selection

· In need of assistance to overcome self-employment barriers.

Date: August 12, 2006

Time: 10.00am prompt

Venue: Blue Nest Hotels, 9-11 Osolo way opposite Mr. Biggs Airport
Road, Lagos

Participation Fee: One Thousand, Fifty Naira (N1, 050)

For more information or participation contact:

consultant_mindxchange@yahoo.com, recruitment_careerpathways@yahoo.com

or call Nnenna on 08036672892, 08056852376 or Oye on 08035657738,

Url: http://www.mutiuokediran.com


I was sad...

...to discover that my country is the feared nation the world knows will take over the world, thru its youths. I am scared, but not dead.


African Director, SCN.


SCN ...

Group Email Addresses
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Translations available in: English (original) | Turkish | Arabic

Nominate Communication Focal Point for Communities delegation
to the GFATM Board
Javier Hourcade Bellocq, Argentina

We are now soliciting nominations for a vacant position of
Communication Focal Point (CFP) of the Delegation of the Communities Living With
AIDS, TB and Malaria. [Mods note: More information about the CFP position
is provided below.]

CLOSING DATE for nominations is 9th August 2006 (see Section 4 below)

Mr. Javier Hourcade Bellocq, Alternate Board Member, will serve as a
mailbox for applications. Please send your applications in English by
e-mail to jhourcade@aidsalliance.org with the subject: CFP application

Javier L. Hourcade Bellocq
Regional Representative LAC, The International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Alternate Board Member/ Communities affected by the three diseases

Phone & Fax: (5411) 43829095
Mobil: (54911) 63530131
Email: jhourcade@aidsalliance.org
Address: Avda. Corrientes 1253, 3H
(C1043AAM) Buenos Aires - Argentina


The position of the Communication Focal Point (CFP) is that of a
volunteer - there is no payment for playing this role. Travel and per diem
costs to attend Board meetings are covered by the Global Fund
Secretariat. The position can demand up to 25% of a full-time equivalent (FTE).

The CFP works closely with the Board Member and Alternate of the
delegation of the Communities Living with the three diseases. Together, these
three comprise the official Delegation between Board meetings.

Although there are specific references to the role of the CFP in the
Global Fund By-laws of the duties of CFP, the approach within the
Communities Delegation is a more inclusive process, and the role is extended
in order to communicate and consult globally with communities living
with AIDS, TB and Malaria .

Purpose of the position of CFP

* The Communication Focal Point (CFP) serves as the communication link
between the Global Fund Board Member and Alternate, delegation members,
the Global Fund Secretariat and the broader community.

* The CFP should develop a mechanism to strengthen the delegation and
build institutional memory of the Communities constituency deliberations
and participation including positions on issues related to GFATM
through appropriate knowledge management.


The CFP is an individual. However, institutional support is critical to
carrying out the duties. It is desirable that the candidate works in or
is associated closely with a HIV, TB or Malaria NGO that has the
commitment and administrative and technical capacity to support the role of
CFP. The geographic coverage of the CFP spans developing and developed
countries around the world. Although no resources are allocated to
performing the tasks and functions, it is strongly encouraged that the CFP
seek adequate financial and human resources to carry out the multiple
functions needed to ensure the proper work of the whole delegation; this
financial process should be run in a transparent manner and in
cooperation with the Board member and Alternate. Funding is currently being
secured for part-time administrative support to the CFP and to support
the daily operations and communications of the delegation. It is strongly
desirable that the candidate could prove strong links with an
organization that is able to support the fiscal management of the delegation
budget according to normal accounting and auditing procedures. .

Based on the Board and CFP functions, the selection of the CFP will
consider the following criteria:

* A person living with the disease(s)

* Understanding of the scope of work of the Global Fund and
opportunities it presents, particularly as it relates to issues of people living
with AIDS, TB ad Malaria in developing countries;

* Experience and ability to assume responsibility to carry out the
tasks as described in Section 5 below;

* Ability and capacity to communicate and network effectively and
broadly (must have functioning communication linkages);

* Ability to facilitate the development of, and adherence to, processes
that ensure transparency and accountability between the Delegation and
communities living with the diseases;

* Communication, facilitation, strategic political and negotiating
skills (working within a 10 member Delegation and between Delegations);

* Openness, willingness and ability to learn, and to take on issues
across constituency groups.

* Ability to work well in written and spoken English (additional
languages will be valued);

* Assurance from employer regarding availability of at least 25% of
working time for Global Fund related duties, if selected.

* Ability for resource mobilization, administration and management
including donors relations.

* Consideration will be made to ensure geographical and gender balance
within the delegation.


The selection of the CFP is for a 2-year term and is renewable once,
based on an assessment process convened by the Board member and Alternate
at an annual basis.

A CFP ceases to be a CFP or can be removed from the duties described
above by the Board and Alternate members if:

* He/she is or becomes a member of a GFATM Board's Committee

* He/she resigns and the organization is not able to replace the
individual; (the CFP is an individual, so, the organizations can not replace
him or her unless the BM and Alt MB delegation decide to do so.)

* He/she no longer has an employer who is supportive of the time
commitment required or he/she no longer has links to the organizations that
secured his/her selection as CFP;

* He/she is unable to perform the agreed upon tasks, or to work
productively with the Board, Alternate and Delegation Members; or,

* If a conflict of interest is declared i.e. if he/she is a member (or
affiliated) of CCM, is a PR or LFA.

Section 4: APPLICATION PROCESS (Please read carefully)

Nominated individuals to the Global Fund Board need to prepare and
submit an application that covers the following:

* Name, contact information, age, organizational affiliation,
communities served;

* Short Curriculum Vitae (CV) outlining experience; (maximum 2 pages)

* Short Narrative outlining your understanding of the Fund and vision
for its future, your community linkages in terms of relevant experience,
and the most significant capabilities you would bring to the Delegation
that address the specified criteria (maximum 2 pages).

Attached to the application will be:

* A letter of reference from your own organization, or closest
affiliated organization, agreeing to the additional travel and workload (1 page

The CLOSING DATE for nominations is 9th August 2006. Mr. Javier
Hourcade Bellocq Alternate Board Member will serve as a mailbox for
applications. Please send your applications in English by e-mail to
jhourcade@aidsalliance.org with the subject: CFP application

We thank all applicants for their participation but only the one
selected will be contacted. The results of selection process will be
announced through the HIV, TB and Malaria list server, distribution list and
discussion forums,:


1. Key CFP operational functions include:

* Support the Board and Alternate members to carry out their functions
and mandates of GFATM.

* Provide secretariat support to the work of the Delegation.

* Ensure timely dissemination of information and documentation related
to the pre and post Board and Committee meetings and other Global Fund
related business, to delegation, the Board member and Alternate.

* Facilitate the strategic communications and partnership with
organization, networks and initiatives related to the needs of communities with
the three diseases

* Facilitate the selection of new Alternate member for Communities
Constituency in consultation with Board member, including disseminating the
call for nominations and managing the selection.

* Facilitate the constitution of the selection committee for Alternate,
CFP and delegation members for the constituency.

* Facilitate, in consultation with the Board member and Alternate, the
selection of committee members from delegation.

* Support the design of delegation's internal and external
communication strategy in consultation with Board member and Alternate.

* Facilitate and support the delegation resources mobilization efforts
including donor relations and reporting.

* Manage, administer and report back on the delegation budgets and
grants (including the monitoring of the contract with funding recipient
NGO) in consultation with Board member and alternate.

2. Specific tasks and functions include:

a) Support the Board and Alternate members to carry out their functions
and mandates:

* Facilitate the annual selection process of delegation members for the
composition of delegation for the board meetings.

* Maintain a pool of second line delegation candidates as support team
for the delegation from the applicants

* Maintain close communication with the Delegation's Board member and
Alternate and delegation members through regular email messages and
teleconferences between the Board meetings

* Facilitate the decision making process within the communities
delegation before a decision is taken and sent to the secretariat.

* Organize full Delegation teleconferences as necessary for expanded

* Provide support in the design and implementation of a programme for
the induction of new delegation, committee and Alternate member.

b) Provide secretariat support to the work of the Delegation:

* Prepare invitation to selected community delegation members to join
the delegation and ensure logistical documentation is disseminated

* Under the direction of the Board Member and Alternate, communicate
with Communities' Delegation members to organize joint meetings, and
assist in the development of the meeting agendas in preparation for the
Board meetings

* Organize delegation pre-meetings with other delegations, as directed
by the Board and Alternate member to discuss key issues and coordinate
strategies before the Board meeting.

* Organize a pre-meeting(s), and post meeting de-brief of Delegation

* Liaise with the Global Fund Secretariat for meeting room bookings,
developing meeting schedules, and other logistical arrangements

* Participate in, and follow up to, Board meetings through debriefings
and written reports on Delegation's work

Disseminate information on Global Fund in line with the Communities'
Delegation's internal/external communications strategy

c) Ensure timely dissemination of information and documentation related
to the Board and Committee meetings:

* Coordinate the flow of Board /Committee meeting documentation from
the Fund Secretariat to the delegation.

* Prepare a briefing paper for every board meeting based on the
delegation work in the board meeting for wider circulation.

* Establish mechanisms for continuous feedback from the larger
HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria Communities on GF related issues.

* Create and maintain a database of Communities interested in receiving
regular updates on the GF.

* Develop an electronic newsletter to update and feedback to the wider
communities on the activities of the delegation following the board

* Liaise with other Communication focal points including organizing
meetings between delegations, Board members and Communication focal

* Support the development and implementation of the communication
strategy and plan for the delegation in consultation with board and
Alternate members.

* Facilitate and consolidate the administration of self-performance
appraisal tool with delegation, committee and board and Alternate members
in the board meeting.

* Identify and prepare a calendar of information regarding the regional
consultation or conference/meeting for the delegation in order to
facilitate the participation of regional focal/delegation with an aim to
provide information about the delegation and GFATM

d) Facilitate the renewal of delegation, Board member and Alternate

* Prepare, in consultation with the Board member, the call for
nominations" for the delegation, Alternate members to be replaced

* Facilitate the establishment for the process for nomination,
selection and Committee functioning, including acting as the secretariat to
receive nominations, ensure that applications are complete, prepare and
disseminate nominations to the selection committee

Provide support to the selection committee to carry out its mandate

e) Manage, administer and report back on the delegation budgets and
grants in consultation with Board Member and Alternate

* Create basic policies for travels and expenditures with the
delegation budget

* Manage the grants agreements or contracts including the (financial
and programmatic) report system with funding organizations

* Develop and implement a basic work plan for the grants received by
the delegation

* Support Board Member and Alternate on the resource mobilization
efforts including the development of proposals.

3. Accountability

* Communication focal point is accountable to the Board member,
Alternate in consultation with delegation

4. Evaluation

* The performance of the CFP will be assessed annually by at least
three members of the delegation, at least One of whom must be the Board
Member or the Alternate.

Evaluation will be based on performance indicators provided in the CFP
work plan and some or all of the following standard performance
evaluation indicators - e.g. reliability, dependability, punctuality,
productivity, consistency, resourcefulness, judgment, and relations with team
members, interpersonal skills, written and oral communication skills,
job knowledge, supervisory skills, organizational skills and leadership

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Pre-Conference: Nigerian Delegates.

About this event: AIDS 2006 – XVI International AIDS Conference

A lot of plan is underway by African Resource Contacts to ease the high rise of Visa permits. However, for those of us who may not apply for one reason or the other, concerned (YOUTHS )Nigerian Health Circle is calling for a pre-conference such that we may have a presentable paper at the Conference in Canada.

All intrested individuals should please forward a letter to akinbo@savechildrennow.org (cornerstone) or wayla_ngr@yahoo.com (Emma)to confirm attendance.

The Pre-conference arrangement table would be sent to all applicant on August 10th, 2006 by 12.00 noon.

We loo forward to your coming.

Akinbo A. A. Cornerstone.


Iya miii !

...Orisa bii iya ko sii !


Survival Series...

...using all the resources at my beck !


Crossroad to Progress...

Looking for Committee Chairs all over the Nation. You are welcome.


Find the NIRA form online for copy, paste and submit...check the NITDA Site for further download

About this event: Nigerian World Summit Awards Awareness Session
Related to country: Nigeria

to randy@psg.com. See attached detailed instructions.

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0. NG DOMAIN TEMPLATE....: 2.32 2005.01.06

* (N)ew (M)odify (D)elete..:


3a.* Organization Name.....:
3b.* Address Line 1........:
3b.* Address Line 2........:
3c.* City..................:
3d.* Postal Code...........:
3e.* Country...............:


5. Date Operational......:

6a. NIChandle (if known)..:
6b.* Whole Name............:
6c. Organization Name.....:
6d.* Address Line 1........:
6d. Address Line 2........:
6e.* City..................:
6f.* Postal Code...........:
6g.* Country...............:
6h.* Voice Phone...........:
6i.* Electronic Mailbox....:
6j.* RC num (for .com.ng)..:

7a. NIChandle (if known)..:
7b.* Whole Name............:
7c. Organization Name.....:
7d.* Address Line 1........:
7d. Address Line 2........:
7e.* City..................:
7f.* Postal Code...........:
7g.* Country...............:
7h.* Voice Phone...........:
7i.* Electronic Mailbox....:
7j.* Registration Mailbox..:
7k. Fax Number............:

running nameservers for a branch of the NG Domain namespace,

8a.* Hostname..............:
8b.* IP Address............:

9a.* Hostname..............:
9b.* IP Address............:

9, do not answer 10, 11, and 12)

10a.* IP ADDRESS (required).:
10b. HARDWARE .............:
10c. OPERATING SYS ........:
10d.* MX ...................:

It is your responsibility to see that an IN-ADDR pointer record is entered
in the DNS database. Contact the administrator of the IP network your host
is on to have this done.


11a.* Forwarding Host.......:
11b.* Contact Name (req)....:
11c.* Contact Email (req)...:

12a. DOMAIN NAME ..........:
12b. HARDWARE .............:
12c. OPERATING SYS ........:
12d.* MX (required).........:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - c u t h e r e - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


By the registration of your name on the Internet, the registrar
(randy@psg.com), the IANA, the and the National Science Foundation are
accepting in good faith that you have the right to the use the name.

Our function in registering names on the Internet is to assure that the name
does not conflict with any other name in the name space requested.

The user by your registration and use of the name and/or your continued use
of an existing name, agrees, as part of your request for name registration,
to indemnify and hold harmless from any and all costs, fees, expenses
arising from litigation involving trademark, trade name, service mark, and
any other name infringements, or other reasons, the registrar, the IANA, and
the National Science Foundation.

The party requesting registration of this name certifies that to her/his
knowledge, the use of this name does not violate trademark or other

Registering a domain name does not confer any legal rights to that name and
any disputes between parties over the rights to use a particular name are to
be settled between the contending parties using normal legal methods (See
RFC 1591).

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The NG Domain Template must be sent by email to the NG Domain Registrar
(randy@psg.com) or the contact of a delegated zone.

If you are requesting delegation of a zone, do not send in the application
until you have verified that the nameservers for that zone are fully
functional and serving correct data.

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Note that all starred (*) fields are mandatory, except please fill out only
one of 8-9, 10, or 11-12.


2. THE NAME OF THE DOMAIN. This is the name that will be used in
tables and lists associating the domain with the domain server
addresses. See Naming Structure Table below. The following
formats are accepted as a NG Domain name.

Domain Name Example: MAGNANIMOUS.ORG.NG


Schools granting baccalauriat degrees .edu.ng

Commercial .com.ng

Governmental entities .gov.ng

Not for profit organizations .org.ng

Network infrastructure (i.e. isp routers) only .net.ng

SCHOOL, etc., being named. The name that describes the Fully Qualified
Domain Namee. For example: The Networthy Corporation, not the name of
the Network Service Provider or organization submitting the request.
The organization must be in Nigeria and be the end user of the domain.

Corporation is a consulting organization of people working with UNIX and
the C language in an electronic networking environment. It sponsors two
technical conferences annually and distributes a bimonthly newsletter.

Registrations must be from organizations with a real presence in Nigeria
and with a demonstrable intent to use the domain name on a regular basis
on the internet. I.e. brand, vanity, placemark, trademark, service mark,
etc. name registration is not appropriate. I.e., one registration per

The Organization and the Adminintrative contact must be in Nigeria.

Corporate entities and Organizations that are registered in Nigeria are
requested to supply the relevant CAC Registration Code in 6j. If the
registering organization has no CAC Code, then please explain why not in
section 4 Description.


For every registration, we need both the administrative and the
technical contacts of a domain (questions 6 & 7) and we MUST have a
network mailbox for each. If you have a NIC handle (a unique NIC
database identifier) please enter it. (If you don't know what a NIC
handle is leave it blank). Also the title, mailing address, phone
number, organization, and network mailbox.

administrator is the contact point for administrative and policy
questions about the domain. The Domain administrator should work
closely with the personnel they have designated as the "technical
contact" for the domain. In this example the Domain Administraror would
be the Administrator of the Networty Corporation, not the Administrator
of the organization running the nameserver (unless it is the same

The Administrative contact must be in Nigeria and must be within the
organization which is registering the domain.

contact handles the technical aspects of maintaining the domain's name
server and resolver software, and database files. They keep the name
server running. This person would be the technical contact running the
primary nameserver. The REGISTRATION REQUEST MAILBOX (7j) is where
domain name requests are mailed and processed for the delegated domain.
Mailboxes names would be like: hostmaster, noc, etc).

8. PRIMARY SERVER. If this is a request to delegate the domain name, the
complete host name of the primary server as well as the IP address.

9. SECONDARY SERVER. If this is a request to delegate the domain name, the
complete host name of the secondary server as well as the IP address.

Domains must provide at least two independent servers that provide the
domain service for translating names to addresses for hosts in this
domain. Establishing the servers in physically separate locations and
on different PSNs and/or networks is required. See RFC2182 for the

This means that the secondary server MUST be in a physical location
quite separate from the primary, and that the two MUST be on completely
separate international backbone providers.

If you wish to have more than one secondary server, merely duplicate
section 9.

10. INTERNET HOST. If you just wish to give a single host a domain name,
then this option may be appropriate.

It is your responsibility to see that an IN-ADDR pointer record is
entered in the DNS database. (For internet hosts only). Contact the
administrator of the IP network your host is on to have this done. The
NG Domain administration does not administer the network and cannot make
these entries in the DNS database.

11. Many applicants have hosts in the UUCP world. Some are one hop away,
some two and three hops away from their "Internet Forwarder", this is
acceptable. What is important is getting an Internet host to be your
forwarder. If you do not already have an Internet forwarder, there are
several businesses that provide this service for a fee, (see RFC 1359 -
Connecting to the Internet What Connecting Institutions Should
Anticipate, ACM SIGUCCS, August 1992). Sometimes local colleges in your
area are already on the Internet and may be willing to act as an
Internet Forwarder. You would need to work this out with the systems
administrator. We cannot make these arrangements for you.

(11a) What is the name of your Internet forwarding host? For example:
The host yacht-club.com.ng uses UUCP to connect to RELAY.ISI.EDU
which is an Internet host. (i.e., RELAY.ISI.EDU is the forwarding

(11b) What is the name of your contact person at fowarding host? The
Administrator of RELAY.ISI.EDU must agree to be the forwarding
host for yacht-club.com.ng, and the forwarding host must know a
delivery method and route to Yacht Club. No double MXing.

(11c) What is the mailbox of your contact?
What is the mailbox of the administrator of the forwarding

12. What domain name system (dns) resource records (rr) and values are
to be entered for your non-IP host. E.g.

myname.or.ng MX 10 mail.com.ng.
MX 100 backup.mail.com.ng.

Remember, this is a volunteer service and the registrars and nameserver
engineers have real lives too.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - c u t h e r e - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


CDA Consultation on a toolkit development...

About this event: Second Nigerian Youth Leadership Summit
Related to country: Nigeria

...on Youth Right for the AFRICAN UNION Youth Charter comes up tommorrow at 12 Agboin, off adelabu street, Surulere(Pako Aguda, Ojuri Bus Stop). Strictly by invitation but you could call Judith (...234561114)

I was reliably informed by Judith that a PPFN Advocate had something to do with this die minute move. I hope things are going on fine in Enugu. SFI,SCN,AYV and Ace Consult, Inc. is fully represented.

I am currently in Ago Iwoye running my 3rd PiO. I guess am catching fun.Advocacy at its best.


UNESCO Interactive Session ...

About this event: 4th UNESCO Youth Forum
Related to country: Nigeria

...was hosted by the Technology Unit of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. I was there to represent the few youths not opportuned to state our side of the story on the eficacy of the MDGs as it will affect the Science Sector and the developing Nations.

I made it a point of duty to remind them that dealine is close and we should do away with ait and talk with no action. Lets make things happen. I guess i dont do full reporting anymore 'cos i no longer have an office in Ile-Ife or a Laptop.

I was not alone. ANUNSA OAU Current President and Archiveal President was also at the meeting. Things will chnage for the youth soon. Very soon.


Moremi Hall Week 2006

About this event: Power And Partnerships
Related to country: Nigeria

at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

Had to discuss with the resident of Moremi Hall on Gender inequality and the drive for debate to action. Speaking to a crowd above two hundred, i could see they felt the words sting them. I had no mercy with my choice of words on why they should never accept to take the back seat in decion making.

I was not alone. I had the best assistance from 'Seye, who proved worthy of her status has a female and consultant. I had my laugh anyway. Met so many ladies that decided to join .... SCN ! I hope they stay for the Children and not because of me o !!!!!



It shall be well with you from this day forth. No matter how much your enemies try this year, they will not succeed.
You have been destined to make it and you shall surely achieve all your goals this year. For the remaining months of the year, all your agonies will be diverted and victory and prosperity will be incoming in abundance.
Today God has confirmed the end of your sufferings sorrows and pains because HE sits on the throne and has remembered you.
He has taken away the hardships and given you JOY. He will never let you down.
I knocked at heaven's door this morning and God asked me, "My child! What can I do for you?" And I said, "Father, please protect and bless the person reading this message."
God smiled and answered, "Request granted." If you believe, copy and send it to your friends. By doing this you have succeeded in praying for eight people today.

Have a Blessed Day!!




A man's daughter had asked the local minister to come

and pray with her father.

When the minister arrived, he found the man lying in bed

with his head propped up on two pillows.

An empty chair sat beside his bed.

The minister assumed that the old fellow had been

informed of his visit.

"I guess you were expecting me, he said.

'No, who are you?" said the father.

The minister told him his name and then remarked,

"I saw the empty chair and I figured you knew I was going to show up,"

"Oh yeah, the chair," said the bedridden man.

"Would you mind closing the door?"

Puzzled, the minister shut the door.

"I have never told anyone this, not even my daughter," said the man.

"But all of my life I have never known how to pray.

At church I used to hear the pastor talk about prayer,

but it went right over my head."

I abandoned any attempt at prayer," the old man continued,

"until one day four years ago, my best friend said to me,

"Johnny, prayer is just a simple matter of having a conversation with Jesus.

Here is what I suggest."

"Sit down in a chair; place an empty chair in front of you,

and in faith see Jesus on the chair.

It's not spooky because he promised, 'I will be with you always'.

"Then just speak to him in the same way you're doing with me right now."

"So, I tried it and I've liked it so much that I do it a couple of hours every day.

I'm careful though If my daughter saw me talking to an empty chair, she'd either have a nervous breakdown or send me off to the funny farm."

The minister was deeply moved by the story and encouraged the old man to continue on the journey.

Then he prayed with him, anointed him with oil, and returned to the church.

Two nights later the daughter called to tell the minister that her daddy had died that afternoon.

Did he die in peace?" he asked.

Yes, when I left the house about two o'clock, he called me over to his bedside, told me he loved me and kissed me on the cheek.

When I got back from the store an hour later, I found him dead.

But there was something strange about his death.

Apparently, just before Daddy died, he leaned over and rested his head on the chair beside the bed.

What do you make of that?"

The minister wiped a tear from his eye and said,

"I wish we could all go like that."

Just send this to four people or more, and do not break this, please.

Prayer is one of the best free gifts we receive.

I asked God for water,

He gave me an ocean.

I asked God for a flower,

He gave me a garden.

I asked God for a friend,

He gave me all of YOU...

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.


How 'they' see us

Related to country: Nigeria

By Reuben Abati
Friday, June 16, 2006

THE image of Nigeria and that of its citizens was the subject of much representation and examination in the international media in the last few days, specifically on CNN and BBC. The CNN on Sunday, June 11 had aired a special documentary titled "How To Rob A Bank" in which some Nigerians living in the Houston area in Texas, United States had been shown to be master fraudsters who are adept in the art of credit card forgery and identity theft. There were Nigerians on the programme who helped to confirm this stereotype, including those who confessed that corruption is a way of life in the Nigerian society. For sure, there are criminals in other nationalities, but in the international media and most especially CNN it is often so easy and convenient to present Nigeria as the global headquarters of crime. Frank Nweke, the Minister of Information has since protested, noting that the CNN portraiture of Nigeria was tendentious and unfair. Okay.
But the dust had hardly settled on the CNN story when on Wednesday, the BBC World Service aired a special live, interactive programme on Nigeria between 5 and 6 pm. It was an open programme: "Africa Have Your Say" in which selected participants from all over Africa and Europe were required to give their impressions about Nigeria; these participants included non-Nigerians from Cameroun, Malawi, South Africa..., Nigerians at home in Nigeria (Lagos, Enugu...); Nigerians in diaspora (South Africa, Sweden...) and Nigerians who have changed their nationality. The BBC programme had not been pre-determined; the responses were spontaneous, and in fact the presenters had tried to be kind to Nigeria by focusing on her positive aspects and future possibilities.

I had been invited to participate in the programme but I arrived late at the studio, due to traffic problems. The other participant had had to wait near the BBC office at least two hours earlier because he didn't want to be held up in the traffic! To arrive early for any appointment in Lagos, you have to set out at least two hours earlier because the traffic is unpredictable, and if you are unlucky, the event is on one of those rainy days, you could spend the whole day on the road. I eventually arrived and ended up simply listening. The neutrality of the presenters notwithstanding, it was the same story as in the CNN programme. I was angry, frustrated, amused and in many instances, I felt like defending Nigeria.

One Emmanuel from Cameroun who had lived and schooled in Nigeria had nice things to say about Nigeria. He observed that Nigerians are "aggressive" and that whenever he is in their midst, he feels "challenged". But such positive comments were few. One lady from Malawi said "Nigeria has lots of beautiful girls but scandalous". Another fellow observed that Nigerians are famous for their "crookedness; they are not straightforward. People don't like Nigerians". Both Malawians and Kenyans complained about too much witchcraft in Nigerian movies. Text messages were sent to the presenters, also full of complaints.

Some people said they know Nigeria for its oil and the arts. Fine, but the general impression is that this is a country of demons where nothing works, a country of contradictions and unfulfilled potentials. Nothing was ever more frustrating than the comments of Nigerians about their own country. So much pessimism and anger particularly from Nigerians in diaspora: One fellow called Sola, who confessed that he had changed his nationality, was very bitter. "Nigeria is like a bad marriage", he declaimed. "It will collapse", he added. He is obviously very happy with his new country. But I felt like asking him: does that change who he is? Does the mere change of colour in one's international passport change a man's true identity, background and heritage?

It is perhaps pointless to debate the various perceptions of Nigeria; there is a sense in which the BBC and CNN have offered useful service by letting Nigerians know what others think about them, and what Nigerians think about themselves. There are lessons to be learnt from the continuous negative representation of Nigeria in the international media. Patriotism overflowing with emotions may be an appropriate response from those of us who live in Nigeria and are actually putting up with so much and still managing to be happy in the midst of it all, what Jenny the BBC presenter called our "resilience", but a more useful response would be to deconstruct the content of local and international responses and seek to use that to re-examine Nigeria as a brand and a country. In the past few years, the Federal Government has been working on an image project through which it seeks to improve the country's international standing and turn it into an attractive destination for tourism, goodwill and investment. The import of the programmes on BBC and CNN is in part that this has not really worked. Nigeria as a brand is a failed brand. It is rejected by Nigerians themselves and treated with great suspicion by outsiders. If we have any strengths, we have not managed to market them as advantages.

The root of the problem is in part the crisis of citizenship. Nigeria works fantastically well as they say, at the individual level. Don't mind the Malawians, South Africans. Camerounians and Kenyans, this country has the greatest and the richest human resource in Africa. Nigerians have a natural gift for distinction. As private individuals, they want to excel; they want the best for themselves. They are expressive, eternally optimistic and fiercely independent. But unfortunately, we have not been able to pull all that energy together to create a country that works. We are in a real sense not yet a nation. We are all trapped in the private sphere, in individual and ethnic compartments. For us, Nigeria is an abstraction; it is a distant idea imposed through colonialism; and so we are faced with that original dilemma: can a nation be built without citizens, without that sense of commitment to the motherland?

The same Sola who dismissed Nigeria as a bad marriage would never have said the same thing about his Yoruba ethnic group. He may have changed his nationality, he may have given up on Nigeria, but he is not likely to ever give up on his identity as a Yoruba man. Similarly, the fellow who declared on CNN that he is corrupt because every other Nigerian is corrupt would never say the same thing, specifically about his ethnic origin. The task ahead remains how to turn Nigeria into a nation with citizens. The pessimism of the average Nigerian derives from frustrations with the leadership and governance process in the country, rather than the Nigerian character. International media often makes the mistake of assuming that it is the Nigerian character that is the problem. Professor Kole Omotoso contributing to the discussion from South Africa had tried to make this distinction when he noted that he may have given up on Nigeria as a brand, but that he will never give up on Nigerians as a people.

The truth of the matter is that the credit card fraudsters, the con artists, the drug couriers who seem to attract the attention of the international media constitute a minority. The majority of Nigerians is made up of honest, hardworking persons who are trying to earn a living. There may be problems in terms of the value system, in terms of an obsession with money for its own sake. But there is nothing in Nigeria that is so different from other countries. There are more criminals in America than there are in the whole of Nigeria. How about the ENRON scandal, the mismanagement of the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, the robberies and killings on the streets of America: do these necessarily make every American a gangster? Indians and Koreans come to this country to do business and they treat our people badly but I don't consider either Indians or Koreans superior to Nigerians. If the CNN were to investigate Italians and Hispanics, its investigators would find a lot to put on air, except they may not consider it politically correct to do so.

Malawians and Kenyans complain about too much witchcraft in Nigeria: they are responding to fiction not reality. Nigerian home videos are shown on MultiChoice, so they base their impressions on what they see on television. American films are full of violence but it hasn't stopped people from thinking that it is "God's own country". Nigeria is not as Hellish as they imagine. South Africans are flocking to Nigeria and setting up businesses through which they exploit the population to make huge profits! Average Americans come here and live in big mansions that they would never dream of owning in their own country. Indians, Lebanese and Koreans set up factories here and they never want to go back home. The Chinese are also flocking to Nigeria, and setting up Chinatown everywhere. Other Africans from Benin, Cameroun, Ghana, Togo, Niger and Chad struggle, illegally to obtain Nigerian passports and identity cards. Portfolio investors from Europe and the United States are all over our hotels, looking for business. It may well be that they are exploiting the country's limitations but if this was truly Hell, they wouldn't stay this long!

Nonetheless, there is a lot that Nigeria and Nigerians have to do. First, we must resolve the issue of nationhood. Without a nation, we do not have a country in the real sense of it. There are too many issues that divide Nigerians. We lost it all because we have mismanaged our country. It is not enough to blame the British colonialists. Creating a nation would include setting up a rewards and sanctions system. Having lived under military rule for so long, Nigerians wherever they are believe that there is no system that cannot be compromised, beaten or cheated. And that the individual can escape sanctions after doing so. This encourages the widespread disregard for the rule of law that is common among Nigerians.

When you ask a Nigerian: "where are you from?" He is most likely to look at the ground before offering an answer. Americans and the British don't look down, they look up because they have something to be proud of. Nigerian leaders now and in the future must create for the people something that they can hold up as symbols of their Nigerianness, and which will be recognised by the entire world. Oil used to be a strong symbol of our national strength, but now it is associated with poverty, violence and terrorism in the Niger Delta. Football used to be a veritable symbol as well, but it has been so mismanaged, we are not even at the current World Cup. In Liberia, our soldiers ended up as cannon fodders. The Americans came and rescued their soldiers before the blow out. Even during Holy pilgrimage to Mecca, it is only Nigerians that create problems for the Saudi Arabian authorities: they are usually the last to arrive and the last to leave.

Leadership is central but the difference that we seek will not come through mere propaganda, or by junketing all over the world. The best way to sell Nigeria to the world is to transform the conditions at home, humanise the country, address the crisis of social development, and engage Nigerians in diaspora and turn them into volunteer ambassadors for their motherland. If our roads are motorable, access to social infrastructure is regularly guaranteed, and there are jobs for school leavers, the people would become less angry because they can see the value in their citizenship. Then of course, this would become another country, in our eyes and in the eyes of the world.




Following the AIDS Summit, African Union Chair Recommits to the Targets on HIV/AIDS for Africa and urges Donors to Fund New Efforts to Achieve Universal Access by 2010-

Addis Ababa, 15 June – Following the United Nations General Assembly's High Level Meeting on AIDS which took place from 31 May to 2 June in New York, the Chairperson of the African Union reaffirmed today the commitment of all African countries to achieve coverage rates of 80% for HIV treatment and prevention by 2010.

"Universal access to HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention, care and support must become a reality," said Denis Sassou-Nguesso, African Union Chairperson and the President of the Republic of Congo. "Africa bears the highest burden of disease, sickness and death from the AIDS pandemic. Africa also bears a responsibility to set and fulfill measurable, time-bound targets, in order to work towards a common goal of stopping this catastrophe."

The new targets were set by African leaders during the Special Summit of the African Union on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, held 2-4 May 2006 in Abuja, Nigeria. (See http://www.africaunion.org/root/au/conferences/past/2006/may/summit/doc/en/SP_PRC_ATM2I_Concept_paper.pdf)

President Sassou-Nguesso also called upon African governments and international donors to work together to fully fund the AIDS response in Africa. Despite an upsurge over the last five years in resources available for AIDS treatment, care and prevention programs, the international community is not yet funding the AIDS response at the level needed. Internationally, at least $20 billion annually is needed by 2010 worldwide to fund the fight against AIDS.

This UNAIDS estimate of annual resource needs to fight AIDS, was recognized by UN Member States during the High Level Meeting, along with a commitment to take measures to ensure that new and additional resources are made available from donor countries and also from national budgets and other national sources.

The declaration made at the close of the High Level Meeting also included a commitment to set national targets and scale up national AIDS responses towards the goal of universal access to comprehensive prevention programmes, treatment, care and support by 2010.

Addis Ababa, June 19, 2006



Dear Friends,
The Brazilian artist, Adriana Bertini, is renowned for her work using
condoms to make art, in particular wearable fashions. She has won
numerous awards, travelled widely showing her work--including to the XV
International AIDS Conference in 2004 in Bangkok--and would love to bring
her own unique method for addressing HIV/AIDS and the stigma of condom
use to the Toronto IAC this August.
Adriana does not have a scholarship to attend the conference, so
efforts are underway by Pioneers of Change (http://pioneersofchange.net) to
ensure that she will get there. To make a contribution, please click on
the following link: http://www.tagstudio.net/devarts/node/276. Note
that for a contribution of $25.00 or more, you'll be entered into a
drawing to win one of Adriana's incomparable pieces of art!
To see more about Adriana and her stunning, educational creations, see
www.adrianabertini.com.br, and write to the artist at
Greatest thanks!!
Janet Feldman, kaippg@earthlink.net


...gone too soon !

Members and admirers of our mother in the struggle against Women Trafficking and Child abuse (although the grapvine says it takes place at all your meetings from inception courtesy of some bad eggs under your care) has just lost her Mother.

We felicitate with you ma. May God grant her eternal rest.


bloggers ....II





By resolution 836(IX) of...

... 14 December 1954, the General Assembly recommended that all countries institute a Universal Children's Day, to be observed as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children. It recommended that the Day was to be observed also as a day of activity devoted to promoting the ideals and objectives of the Charter and the welfare of the children of the world. The Assembly suggested to governments that the Day be observed on the date and in the way which each considers appropriate. The date 20 November, marks the day on which the Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, in 1959, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in 1989.


The Nigerain Youth Leaders Summit:

About this event: AIDS 2006 – XVI International AIDS Conference
Related to country: Nigeria

Pre-Conference in Lagos.

The preconference held on June 16th, 2006 at the PPFN House, Palmgrove. Wlth Emanuel Etim has the moderator on the issue of Health policy. It was to develop a frame work for the Conference coming up in Enugu in July, 2006.

They were 8-points to view on the agenda list and renumerate with the past for the future thru the present. After hours of deliberation, we came up with 15 recomendations which we believe could make an effective change.

I met above twent-four youths who devoted time to ensure that the Heath Sector improves. This is a convincing figure. I look forward to meeting you again, probably not at the summit.

You are true leaders.

Akinbo A. A. Cornerstone,

Africa, Co-Director.




Nota Bene.

I believe a complete report would be sent round by DPi soon. The pictures are a litle dark. Will adjust and send asap.



About this event: AIDS 2006 – XVI International AIDS Conference

Nota Bene:
A microorganism smaller than a bacteria, which cannot grow or reproduce apart from a living cell. A virus invades living cells and uses their chemical machinery to keep itself alive and to replicate itself. It may reproduce with fidelity or with errors (mutations)-this ability to mutate is responsible for the ability of some viruses to change slightly in each infected person, making treatment more difficult.

Viruses cause many common human infections, and are also responsible for a bevy of rare diseases. Examples of viral illnesses range from the common cold, which is usually caused by one of the rhinoviruses, to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), which is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Viruses may contain either DNA or RNA as their genetic material. Herpes simplex virus and the hepatitis- B virus are DNA viruses. RNA viruses have an enzyme called reverse transcriptase that permits the usual sequence of DNA-to-RNA to be reversed so the virus can make a DNA version of itself. RNA viruses include HIV and the hepatitis C virus.

Researchers have grouped viruses together into several major families, based on their shape, behavior, and other characteristics. These include the herpesviruses, adenoviruses, papovaviruses (papilloma viruses), hepadnaviruses, poxviruses, and parvoviruses among the DNA viruses. On the RNA virus side, major families include the picornaviruses (including the rhinoviruses), calciviruses, paramyxoviruses, orthomyxoviruses, rhabdoviruses, filoviruses, bornaviruses, and retroviruses. There are dozens of smaller virus families within these major classifications. Many viruses are host-specific, causing disease in humans or specific animals only.

The Dutch microbiologist Martinus Beijerinck (1851-1931) was the first person to use the term "virus" for the invisible disease-causing material that he showed to be self-replicating.

My Suggestion:
I was able to read some article on the making of bio weapons. I cam to a logical conclusion. This is not only a dream come true, but a fact.

If the Virus concerning HIV is able to sustain itself on the living cell in our body, another virus can be created to get its sustatinace from feeding onthe HIV Virus, and hibanate in the absence of it withouth concerning harm to the other cell. Thus a parasite feeding on another parasite in the body.



Good or Service: Annual Cost ($US billions)

What it DOES cost:

Cosmetics in the United States: 8
Ice cream in Europe : 11
Perfumes in Europe and the United States: 12
Business entertainment in Japan: 35
Cigarettes in Europe: 50
Alcoholic drinks in Europe: 105
Narcotic drugs in the world: 400
Military spending in the world: 780

What it WOULD cost:

Basic education for everyone in the world: 6
Water and sanitation for everyone in the world: 9
Reproductive health for all women in the world: 12
Basic health and nutrition for EVERYONE IN THE WORLD: 13

Now you know what will YOU do about it?

Names of leaders it reaches out to HERE


The estimated population for the United States of America is 286 196 812,
for Canada 32 442 237, and for China 1 313 973 700.
ONE day, ONE Dollar! Makes 1 632 612 749 Dollars TOGETHER!
Can you believe that…?!
That is ONLY from THREE countries!

When the whole world does that:

It only takes about 288 USD PER YEAR, to sponsor a child!
(330 CAD, 237 EUR, 2305 CNY or the same in your currency)
Saving children should never be based on donations!
Every child deserves the right to live!
If the world is wrong, we need to CORRECT it.
If we are able to OVER feed people in jail,
Then we should not let innocent children starve to DEATH!

This is a call to EVERYONE to take a stand for children TODAY, and
END child starvation HERE and NOW !!!

THE SOLUTION is about sharing and caring for our children as ONE Nation!
Save and protect ALL children!
People of ALL NATIONS that earn MORE then enough,
pay a SMALL tax that is reserved for these children ONLY!
About 30-50 USD per year.
(34-57 CAD, 24-40 EUR, 240-400 CNY or the same amount in your currency.)
Dependent on their income: the HIGH income earners will pay more, and
If you see how much ONE day, ONE Dollar can do, from ONLY three countries,
then you know 50 Dollars from people from the WHOLE world,
saves not ONE, but ALL CHILDREN!
It is very simple:
If we work together as ONE, hunger is GONE!

When the world uses THE SOLUTION:

Hunger will STOP!
AIDS that causes now thousands of AIDS orphans can be STOPPED!
Africa will finally get a NEW CHANCE to RISE above poverty!
As well as so many other areas of the world in need!
If we care for our children and treat them RIGHT, we’re in for a BIG CHANGE!
These children, the NEW GENERATION can finally BREAK OUT OF THIS CYCLE, making them free to build on their own, a better and INDEPENDENT community, that they will pass on to children of future generations!
With more loving and educated people,
who will ensure our future and create a BALANCE in this world!

The world is OUT of balance now, and has been FOR WAY TOO LONG!
We have created this!
It was not meant to be, but it is.
So people, it is time we DO something!
BEFORE it is irreversible!
AIDS is spreading fast!
Soon a whole continent will be extinguished!
Our children are NEXT, if we do not start caring about each other!
It is OUR turn to DO something!
While we STILL have the chance!
It is time to start thinking GLOBAL!


This is a Message from God, The Creator, or The Name that you give Him in your religion.
He loves you.
This is the world in your hands,
He will Lead you too!


You are the corner.
Send “The Message” OUT in the world!

The fact that you save ONE child by passing this project on to 9 people,
is that 6 of the 9 people will vote for THE SOLUTION.
It takes about 6 people to save a child when the world uses THE SOLUTION.
Leave this part up to us and our leaders. Or join us.
YOU do the right thing TODAY!

An idea to raise money NOW for the starving!
Start the “ONE day ONE Dollar”! For your town, district, country!




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A new pal...



JUNE 12 + YOU and I.

About this event: World Youth Peace Summit: Voices Of The Next Generation for Peace
Related to country: Nigeria

Extract from Guardian...
To be chaired by Chief Anthony Eromosele Enahoro, some of the highlights of the ceremony, would include unveiling the Martyrs of Democracy in Nigeria, recitation of democracy poems, solidarity messages and songs.

He said some of the "Heroes of Democracy" being expected include Chief Abraham Adesanya, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu, Comrade Frank Kokori, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, Chief Olu Falae, Gen. Alani Akinrinade (rtd), Col. Abubakar Umar, Chief Bisi Akande, Chief Olusegun Osoba and Alhaji Lam Adeshina.

Speakers at the symposium are Prof. Sophie Oluwole, Alhaji Ghali Umar Na'Abba, Chief Harry Akande, Hon. Uche Onyeguocha, Chief Oluremi Adikwu-Bakare, Mrs. Ayo Obe, Mr. Femi Falana, Dr. Usman Bugaje, Mrs. Peace Obiajulu, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, Dr. Reuben Abati, Col. Hameed Ali, Prof. Pat Utomi and Lillian Ekeanyanwu.

Reflecting on how the lessons of June 12 could be made to bear fruit, polity, Chief Guy Ikokwu, a lawyer, member of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), G-34 and foundation member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said a level playing ground must be created for the forthcoming polls.

His words: "Before the 2007 polls there is still time for the heated Nigerian polity to be cooled down by a more level playing ground being adopted by the National Assembly by the creation of more states in the federation.

"Apart from the creation of more states to ensure a parity of eight states per zone, that is 48 states in all, there is the need to address some specific anomalies that would help strengthen our democracy.

"For instance some institutional changes are necessary to make for greater transparency and efficiency. The office of the Minister of Justice should be separate from that of the Attorney General of the Federation. In deserving cases, a special prosecutor could be appointed to handle situations independently from the influence of the Executive arm.

"The National Assembly and the Judiciary which are supposed to be separate arms of the nation's administration should be financially independent and self-accounting."

Adegbite who spoke in Abeokuta Ogun State at the weekend also regretted that the Federal Government had not considered it fit to immortalize Chief Abiola, the symbol of June 12 and Nigerian democracy.

Adegbite stated: "Yes we have learnt some lessons about June 12 but such lessons have not gone down deep enough. The mark is not high enough either in the conduct of the 1999 or 2003 elections."

He explained that the uproars that trailed the 1999 and 2003 demonstrated that lessons learnt from June 12 had not been deep enough.

"We should use this particular anniversary to reflect on the significance of June 12, because this preceds the election year, so that we would be able to conduct free and fair election that would be acceptable to all"

Recalling that election, the late Abiola and his running mate, Baba Gana Kingbibe, were both Moslems, he pointed out that they were never the less accepted by all. He also noted that 14 years after, Nigerians are clamouring for ethnic and religious politics.

"Now we seem to be moving away from that ideal as everybody is calling for President from his or her place and this is unfortunate. I think we should quickly correct that," he said.

Anybody should be free to contest for any political office in the country and it is up to Nigerians to accept or reject him or her, Adegbite said.

Asked if in his view, Abiola had been sufficiently immortalized for paying the supreme price for Nigerian's democracy, he said. "I feel uncomfortable about the Federal Government in this regard. It is totally incredible and also unpardonable that the hero of Nigeria's democracy can continuously be ignored by the authorities."

To him, it is June 12 of every year that should be declared Nigeria's Democracy Day and not May 29.

Adegbite insisted that by now, Abiola should have been given a post-humous award of GCFR (Grand Commander of the Fedeal Republic). He for his role in Nigeria polities because he (Abiola) truly deserves it. He hope, the Federal Government would honour Abiola before it leaves power,

Also the Ogun State government, has declared today as a Public holiday in honour of late Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola, symbol of the June 12 struggle.

Similarly the Ondo State chapter of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) has decried the non-recognition of June 12 as democracy day by the Federal Government, 13 years after the annulled 1993 Presidential elections.

The party, in statement to mark the 13th anniversary of the annulled polls, also decried the attitude of government towards the Late Chief Abiola, whom it described as the symbol of democratic struggle in Nigeria.

In the statement signed by Lola Fagbemi, the party's Secretary, the AD stated that it "considers the celebration of May 29 as Democracy Day instead of June 12 as a deliberate policy of the PDP-led government to consign the import of that landmark election in the restoration of the present democratic dispensation into the dustbin of history.

"The point has been made and will continue to be made without any risk of being bored that June12 is Nigerians' Democracy Day, a day they freely gave their mandate to the Late M.K.O. Abiola in a free and fair election.

Therefore the party strongly condemns this new form of annulment of June 12 embarked upon by the PDP government at all levels. June 12 will remain indelible in the minds of Nigerians".

The AD also condemned the one-week celebration of Democracy Day, which was celebrated by the Olusegun Agagu Administration with a grand finale on May 29, saying it was a "mere political jamboree and a waste of public resources".

...welll, i was there to witness the charade. To an extent, it mummyfied the whole essence of the day. Some spoke within the focal concept while others spoke out of order. Some even distributed anti-national leaflets, which nullified the whole essence of The Man and the DAY.

I was amused by the rush for drinks, the jarre for office and the sound of "vote me", rather than "seek unity". What June 12 stood for was the Unity of a diversified ethnical Nation that stood still to point its' finger in one direction and state,"this is our mandate". Can it re-occur again. While PDP battles for Unity, will we not bear its burden if it does not remain divided to create room for sane representatives capable or been responsible to thier constituency ?

A host of questions swim in the sea of this condemnation of a polity that we should have seek to play a part in its' formation. Now, my words years back that all is political in the sight of the living, with the need to play sincerity with a conscience is coming to fore.

The program did not see a youth leader address it. It did not call a youth leader or mention NANS has having layed a role in the drama of annulment. It was silent...and Nigerian Students were also silent. Can i blame them ?

Oure future lies in constant orientation of the people. We need to keep talking and performing. OBASANJO IS HUMAN...a mere creation of another. We may not have put him in power, but we could teach him. If he fails to learn, he will fail to stay in office. If he goes, who is next ? Who will change things ? Are we ready for the Change ? Are we ready to face the truth and stay in our Country to make itr better ?

When i look at the colonial era which took fourty-six years (46) and the Nigerian Leadership which used another fourty-six years (46), Nigeria in the hands of the British was brutish and fair to the economy. Ours is enslavement in our own polity...selfish and sustainable. Corruption is systematic in nature. Age and ideas forms the cabal. Reasearch is nothing to our class of Leadership. Comaparism, a crime.

Today, learnt a new thing. THAT THE NET COULD NOT PRODUCE A WORD OF INFORMATION ON JUNE 12. I was suprised. We need not immortalise June 12...it is a processs that can enshrine Democracy in the mind of the Individual an give us a better Nigeria. A stronger growing and developed country with a role to play in World Peace and Unity. Try singing the secound (2nd) stanza of the National Anthem. Try it.


...aseyori !

Mo wo waju boya mari
eni bii iya...pa bo lo ja si...

Orisha bi'ya ko si,
eni se bii baba sowon...

Bi'ya ba ku, ko seni ku...
...bi baba ko si nile, radarada lokan omode rii,
mo wole bi mo leri gege
ta je kin seranti Iya mii,
Ot ko je amo ...bi a o baku, ireti mbe,
pe aseyori nii aj'etiwa.

Dedicated to my Mother...



...be among the solution makers.

Akinbo A. A. Cornerstone
+234 805 668 1661





Related to country: Nigeria

I got to Calabar just in time to discuss with the group the essence of participatin. PiO's gave thier reports on thw activity of internship at the Abuja House of Assembly. It was intresting. The Convener, Kingsley N. T. Bangwell, the Executive Director of YoungstersFoundation did justice to that part.

Then, ace HR MAN of Vanguard, Victor Gotevbe gave us the beat on "Youg Nigerian becoming the Media". It was breathtaking to watch him trash the Nigerian Youth on the need to take position. Reciting alongside the participant the stanza II of the National Anthem, it was to heaven and back in Nigeria within secounds.

All participants had been so carefully selected, there was no boring momnet. continue the network. My four days in calabar was the BOMB !!!


UNGASS 2006...

After reveiwing the UNGASS, DoC and the Civil Society Recommendation to
the Draft Political Declaration I feel that strong focus and advocay
have to be paid on the following issues:

Reiterate with Profound Concern: The epidemic affects every region and
Africa in particular sub-sarahran Africa, remains the worst affected
region and that urgent and exceptional action is required at all levels.
This case is ture. Africa has one of the worst pendimics then any other
nation is
facing, but recent reports and findings point out that while africa's
pendemic is still urgent, the ABC approach is working. The cases of HUV
transmission in a few territories within africa are reporting low
cases. We do need to focus most of the world's resources to Africa, but in
America from 2001 the rate of sero-conversion is increasing in MSM
communities and in women transmission. We need commitments from our
delegates so that more funding is invested in prevention and in
supplying life safing medication. PHA'S that are are in HAART's are getting
medications because of trials that are conducted, the other have are on
medical plans that pay for a percentage of your medication. That is
but the typical medicationhas many more side efftects then the new
realeased medication. Medication that should be given to us are being
billed. It takes three year's so that that medication can be past.
To alter Paragraph 6, As follows (Civil Society Recommendation to the
Draft Political Declaration)
Remain deeply concerned, however by the fact that the epidemic
continues to expand, that Women now represent half pf all people living with
including nearly 60 percent in Africa, that feminization of the
HIV/AIDs epidemic has been an international trend, and that over half of all
infections are in young people, particularly women aged 15 to 24.
Reaffirming that women can still give birth to a child is a very important
issue that needs to be faced. In many countries women that are HIV
positive are not aware of mother to child transmission. We need to have
of developed world support governments of developing world fund
programs that educated mother on how they can limit the chances of children
being infected during birth. Bringing attnetion to this issue is a very
critical challange that needs to be improoved. Child to mother
infection should not occur, knowing that we ahve the technology and the way to
prevent.Also agree
to increase substantially our efforts to ensure that pregnant women
have access to antenatal care, information, counselling and other HIV
and to increase the availability of and access to effective treatment
to HIV-infected women and babies in order to reduce mother-to-child
transmission of HIV, as well as through effective interventions
for.HIV-infected women, includingg voluntary and confidential counselling and
testing, access to treatment, especially anti-retroviral therapy and,
where appropriate, breast milk substitues and provision of a continum
of care.
Marco Gomes
commit: To undertake all necessary efforts to scale up a comprehensive
response to achieve broad multisectoral coverage for prevention.
care and support, with full participation of people living with
HIV/AIDS, most affected communities, civil society and the private sector,
with the
aim of achieving the goal of universal access to treatment by 2010 for
all those who need it.
I attended a review meeting after ten year's after Dr. Charles Roy
published a literature " Living & Serving 2". It focused on PHA's and there
involvement in the community of HIV/AIDS. efforts and support need to
be given to PHA'S and affected communities in receiving the care and
support needed. There was a phrase that was spilled through the meeting.
HIDING IT SELF IN THE CLOSET. YLWHA need to be understood provided wirh
the education and skills to be apart of the epidemic. PHA involvment in
organizing has been enshrined in government document since 1998 and
continues to be an important element of Canada's action plan on HIV/AIDS
through 2010.


ACADEMIC GUILD ...................

the United States is providing up to $200 million in
competetitive grants in its emergency plan for
HIV/AIDS prevention and care services in 15 focus
countries including nigeria. According to release by
the public Affairs section of the U.S Consulate in
lagos, the grant is being released under the Bush's
administration Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS
Relief [ Emergency plan/PEPFAR] otherwise known as the new Partner
initiative [NPI]. The statement said PEPFAR is now accepting applications
from new in country partners. Therefore, NGO'S and other groups in
Nigeria involved in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention and care services
seeeking partnershipshould apply.The grants made under the NPI will expand
PEPFAR's reach and impact in care and prevention areas where community
and faith-based organizations represent vital resources under- utilised
by the United States government.let the NGO'S concerned apply and let's
stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. --culled from Daily Sun,
May,19,2006.page 7.


Does he care ?

About this event: Youth Activism Summit
Related to country: Nigeria

He just turned one, a couple of months ago. I have been at pains trying to make him realise that where he was born and lives is called Nigeria, and that in his country, at this time, virtually every facility that requires
government’s input to function appears to have either packed up or grossly under-performing. And no one cares! Government itself is on a long, if not permanent, recess. It now wants its tenure extended so it could faithfully
supervise the nation’s total collapse, and then do the only thing it knows how to do best, play the patient and dutiful undertaker.

It is just impossible to make a single meaning out of this whole chaos. Once it is night, my little boy expects that there should be power supply because he can’t stand the oppressive heat. He would cry and cry and refuse
to sleep. The darkness, I must agree with him, is suffocating and overwhelming. These conspire with the cruel heat to turn the night into a most excruciating and protracted agony. Almost every night, my wife and I
would fold newspapers to fan the boy and, sometimes, his immediate elder sister, to help them get some sleep. Their most senior has already adjusted to the fact that she is in Nigeria, and that needless agonies like the one
PHCN (from NEPA) mercilessly unleashes on Nigerians every night and day,under the watchful eyes of the present government, are the very stuff with which a true Nigerian is made.

Keeping awake to fan a child with folded newspapers almost every night is not a tea party. At some point you would think the boy is in deep sleep, but once you pause awhile to rest your hand or catch some sleep, he will scream and scream, and you would be forced to jump up, and resume
your task. And sometimes, he will protest your brief neglect by refusing to keep quiet, and then you would have no other choice than to carry him up for sometime, pet him, before he would agree to be put down again, so you could
continue to fan him. Of course, there is a huge reward for this arduous task. You will wake up weak and totally drained, and nursing a headache. And you must hurry the children off to school, while you and your wife rush
down to your offices, to struggle for daily survival in this impossible country called Nigeria.

Some nights, I would quietly sneak out and escape to my study, where I usually kept a small camp foam, to catch some sleep. And my wife, God bless her, good lady - even when she discovers I had escaped, would not complain. But when the task becomes too much for her, she would either
come to politely request that I come to relieve her, or call me on phone, when she had become too tired to walk down to where I was hiding to wake me. I would then come and relieve her a bit. Most of the time, my shift usually
comes when dawn was approaching, and the atmosphere had become a bit cool for the boy to sleep off and let me

I have had to yell at my son a number of times: "Look, boy, here is not Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic or even Swaziland or Eritrea! Here is Nigeria,and your President is neither Mbeki nor Kuffuor! Your President is Gen.
Messaih, the one who flaunts his visionlessness and abysmal failure in character and leadership with insufferable arrogance! So, boy, you must learn to adjust yourself to the harsh reality of the situation in
the country where you have found yourself."

I say these things or similar things to the same effect to the boy regularly. If at this age he is able to understand what I am saying, he is yet to demonstrate it. I don’t know what goes on in his mind, but it does
seem that he is unable to understand how a human being, with brain in his skull, and with an army of garrulous "experts" around him, could manage a country, with abundant resources for a whole seven years, yet a very basic
thing like uninterrupted power supply, which has since been taken for granted in even many very poor countries around us, would still remain a scarce commodity in Nigeria. Unlike any government before it, this
government has gained billions of dollars in excess from crude oil sales.

It has gained so much money, and had so much to spend that it had to indulge in needless jamborees like hosting of CHOGM, COJA and other needless money guzzlers, with all the controversies that attended
them. Billions of dollars and pounds are pouring into the coffers of this government, yet there is virtually nothing on ground to show that anyone is thinking about the welfare of the citizenry. All we hear in abundance is
empty, irritating and uninspiring talk-talk. It is easy and cheap to declare a lot of unverifiable "solid achievements" but why can’t we also see evidence of that much vaunted magic touch in the power sector,
the sector that touches closely our very life, and whose failure is threatening our

Where I live, perhaps, without knowing it, or meaning to, my neighbours have become my worst tormentors. The man in the next compound by the right,had purchased some comfort for his family, which has turned out to be
our most harrowing pain all night. His joy, therefore, has become my family’s torment. Despite the wall separating the two compounds, his generator which he leaves on all night roars like an angry and wild monster. When it is
screaming and raging, sleep becomes just impossible. The thing knows how to hammer its noise on your head and pierce through your eardrums.Incidentally, our bedroom and the children’s room are backing his compound.

While we battle with the oppressive heat, the generator would roar and roar angrily all night, piercing the eardrums, and compounding the agony and torment already unleashed by hot, airless weather.

Sometimes, even when NEPA/PHCN temporarily forgets its brief as the nation’s licensed, official Agent of Darkness and restores the light to the neighourhood, the angry monster would still continue to roar with an even
greater persistence and loudness, which poses considerable threat to the nervous system. I remember that, in the past, I used to open my windows to shout towards the house: "There is Light! There is light!! Off
this thing!!!" Unfortunately, my voice gets swallowed in the din and bedlam being faithfully generated by the monster. Sometimes, it works, and my voice pierces through, and wakes up somebody, and the monster is shut
up.Then, we would have some reprieve to reclaim our sanity seriously assaulted by the monster next door. And there is always no time even to do this, because, by the time this reprieve comes, it is usually morning already,
and we have to prepare to rush off to work.

It is not only this neighbour that has a noisy generator. The fellows living in the two other compounds that surround mine all have their own. There is virtually no place to hide. Even when we close the windows to
reduce the noise, it makes no difference. The whole thing is akin to a warfront. America versus Iraq! Each is striving to out-shout the other. Infact, I don’t even want to think about the thick, black, killer fumes they
all emit into he atmosphere. All I am bothered for now is the noise pollution. I have once asked a doctor the danger we face living under such a barrage of deafening, piercing noise, and what he told me that day really
made me afraid, but do I have an

How long shall we endure this extended nightmare in a country somebody claims to be ruling? I have my own generator, a little toy from China. It only hums mournfully at my balcony and disturbs no one’s sleep.
Even the days when I am able to fuel it and put it on, the noise from my neighbours’ monsters destroys whatever respite my family would get as a result of the modest power my toy is able to supply. And as I write now, there is no
plan by the government known to Nigerians to address this excruciating situation created by total power failure.

As President Olusegun Obasanjo pursues his blind ambition to become a life president, what I hear everywhere is that the man needs to continue in office because he is doing a good job. I have no strength to waste to contest that. All I can do is to offer this heartfelt prayer for all
those peddling that heresy. Now, my prayer for anyone who has ever opened his or her mouth to applaud the "wonderful achievements" of the Abuja regime, either sincerely or with dissembling lips is this: One: May all your children do to you and all you have worked for what the Abuja regime is doing to Nigeria. Two: If you are an employer of labour, may your workers manage all your investments exactly with the same mind and attitude the
Abuja regime is managing Nigeria and its resources. And finally, may anyone you encounter in this life treat you the way the Abuja junta is treating Nigerians.

Let a resounding AMEN ring out from all Nigerians. And make no mistakes about it, these prayers must be answered. I suppose this would make all of those involved happy, because, the "good things" this government is doing
will soon be replicated in their lives, homes and circumstances, in answer to this prayer. For me, I sincerely believe that God will intervene in Nigeria and deliver us from the daily agony that living in Nigeria
has become for many families. Somebody should please show me the "great achievements" recorded by the present government because I am still looking for them. I am looking for the good roads to drive on. I want efficient and
decent train and bus systems which will make it unnecessary for me to own a car. I want security of lives and property. I am yearning for a day when a Nigerian will walk to a public tap, get clean water and drink confidently.
I want to see better schools and functional hospitals, good enough that the president, his aides and families can patronise them. The list could continue. I am waiting for a day when I would not go to work with crumpled
clothes because I couldn’t iron them the brief moment there was power supply in two ways.

This government has done at least one clear thing. It has created two distinct classes of Nigerians. There are those who are insulated from the agonies Nigerians lament about daily. At least, the Minister of Power and
Steel, I am sure, must have a giant, noiseless generator in his house and office, and so, whether his ministry functions or not, he does not get to experience the torment of constant power failure. Ditto for the
president and his garrulous and underachieving Economic Solomons. I have also heard that generator merchants are piling irresistible pressures to ensure that
power remains epileptic so they could remain in business. In all these,dear reader, do we count at all? Would the yearning and cry of my little baby to get some sleep tonight reach the ear of Mr. President? Does he





About this event: International Children Festival

The world needs to come together for the children!We are growing a network of volunteer people to make sure every child will get food, clean water, healthcare, education and protection in the future!

Our goal is to make it UNNECESSARY for organizations to ASK and WAIT for donations! Organizations have to be SUPPLIED the sufficient funds, so they can SAVE not only part of, but ALL ch
If you want to END child starvation and exploitation NOW, please JOIN. People from ALL nations, are CALLED to stand up for the children! As we grow ONE world, ONE Nation, our children will be saved!

THE SOLUTION is to reach politicians, Leaders, Prime-Ministers, Vice-Presidents, Presidents … EVERYONE has a difference to make! TOGETHER we are The World.

Contact the nearest Co-Director to you.
Or apply to become one yourself if there is none.
Every country, every district needs a Co- Director.
Everyone is treated equal. We are ONE for the children!
We want the whole world to join us!

Akinbo A.A.Cornerstone
Africa Co-Director.

Others are.....
1. Mr.Dania Osman

2. Ms. Racheal Smith

3. Mr.David Katamba

4. Mr. Matongo Maumbi


AIDS in Nigeria !

It is no longer news that most developing countries
now suffer an acute shortage of human resources in their respective
health institutions. this assertion
is recently confirmed by W.H.O[ World health
Organization];hammering on the consequences of lack of health workers,
especially nurses,in Africa, which is as a result of massive
immigration abroad by most qualified and expertises in health institutions. The
worst effect could be seen on the incessant rise in spread of HIV/AIDS
in developing nations.It is against this background that HON.Mrs Joy
Lascelles, a writer cum the compatron of the Pan Africa Health
Foundation[PAHF], a non profit organization established in 2003 aimed at helping
in reducing Africa's disease burden of HIV/AIDS, malaria and
tuberculosis, has taken a very giant step in putting up a factory in
Porthacourt,River state, Nigeria, for the built-in automatic locking device on AD
syringes aimed at saving lives and preventing HIV/AIDS by guaranteeing
use of a clean syringe for each injection and stop syringe re-use
prevalent in most African countries as a result of poverty and dilapidated
health institutions.
According to W.H.O;"...nearlly half of all syringes
are re-used in developing countries leading to 100,000 new infections
of HIV and millions of infections of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C every
year..." This project is indeed a giant one because if these diseases
are not checked, they will, among other things, damage the social
fabric, diminish agriculture and industrial protection;undermine political,
social and economic stability; and contribute to regional and global
insecurity.How will you feel when one of your own is infected with
HIV/AIDS as a result of syringe -use.
Source-- SUNDAY VANGUARD, MAY 21, 2006, PAGE


NIRA Board of Trustee...

About this event: Youth Activism Summit
Related to country: Nigeria

While am yet to get a bootaable letter of dicern language (not Java), i wish the following (include myself) can start making the beat loud to taste.

1.Prof. I. S. Diso (outgone interim chair),
2.Dr. Nwannena (NCS President),
3.Dr. (Mrs) Osofisan (CPN),
4.Dr. Odeyemi (first PhD holder in Computer Science in Nigeria),
5.Y. Z. Yau (CITAD, Kano),
6.Mrs. Odusote (Ministry of Information and Digitest founder),
7.Mr. Alao (NIG),
8.Shina Badaru (Technology Times),
9.Akinbo A. A. Cornerstone (TAIS Forum).

All are welcome to contribute.


Global Junior Challenge 2006

Original Message:
From: Silvia Celani s.celani (at) gioventudigitale.net
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 12:41:31 +0200
To: destinatari-ignoti:
Subject: Invitation to participate in the Global Junior Challenge 2006

Global Junior Challenge 2006

The */Global Junior Challenge (www.gjc.it )* *is
a global award promoted by the Digital Youth Consortium
(www.gioventudigitale.net ), a
non-profit organization founded by the Municipality of Rome and six
major ICT companies. The intention of the award, dedicated to young
people and to schools, is to identify and reward best practices on the
use of new technologies in education and training of youngsters. **

*__The topic*

The Global Junior Challenge is the world's premier contest of projects
pioneering the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs)
in education and training. The contest is the "tip of the iceberg" of a
range of activities aimed at celebrating ICT-based educational
innovation and promoting co-operation, shared learning, and e-inclusion
in the build up of a knowledge society for all. Working together for a
better world, for equal opportunities and against the digital divide is
central to spirit of the Global Junior Challenge and, for this reason,
we invite you to submit your experience to the contest and join the
activities of this year's edition.

On this occasion the Global Junior Challenge award will introduce two
special categories of projects: “*Helping youth finding job*” and
*Educating Cities, *Educational Projects promoted by Public Local

*Small Funds Award*

The Global Junior Challenge promotes the *Small Funds Award*, a prize
dedicated to the projects coming from poor countries.
The winner projects will receive the small funds of € 5000 to spend for
the implementation and the development of the project.
The funds will be found between the mechanism of clicking that is
present on the website www.e-inclusionsite.org
. In the last edition of the Global
Junior Challenge *5 projects* have received the small funds of € 5000

*Who can participate*

The Global Junior Challenge is dedicated to all young people, from
school children to teenagers and youth taking their first steps on the
job market. It concerns cities, institutions, local authorities,
businesses, NGOs, communities and individual citizens. The Global Junior
Challenge concerns all those who are interested or involved in child and
youth education and training, and more broadly, in helping in the
construction of a more inclusive society.

* *

*Your school participation*

The Global Junior Challenge is much more than the largest international
contest of projects on ICT and education and training in the information
society. It is the entry to an rich platform of activities of
networking, shared learning, leading-edge knowledge about educational
changes in the 21st century, exchanges of best-practices among
international e-learning experiences and much more.

When you enter the GJC competition you are actually entering this world
of opportunities and participation in the processes that are today
changing education in schools, training organizations, regions and
countries through new technology. You are also entering a community of
innovators contributing ideas and activities helping to build a better
world through better education for all.

*How to participate***

Fill in the form directly online at the web site www.gjc.it
or by e-mail at info (at) gjc.it ,
or print the form and send it by post or fax to:

Consorzio Gioventù Digitale

Via Umbria 7, 00187 Roma

Fax +39 06 42000442

*Deadline for submission of projects is **31 July 2006**

*Edition 2004***

The third edition of the Global Junior Challenge has been a great
success with 647 participating projects from 70 countries world-wide!

On this occasion the Global Junior Challenge award introduced a new
category of projects: *Women & equal opportunities*. Projects under this
category realised equal opportunities between men and women in every
sphere of professional life, specifically through the innovative use of
ICTs. Another important theme of the Global Junior Challenge 2004 was
the fight against the Digital Divide and the innovative use of the
information technologies to reduce poverty in the world.

An important moment of the Global Junior Challenge 2004 was the creation
of *Holding Hands *(www.holdinghands.it ),
an online journal to stimulate dialogue, sharing of knowledge and
experience, collaborative working and mutual understanding between
children from schools in Rome, Israel and Palestine.

Dott.ssa Silvia Celani
Project Manager Global Junior Challenge
Tel: +390642014109
Original Message:
From: Silvia Celani s.celani (at) gioventudigitale.net
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 12:41:31 +0200
To: destinatari-ignoti:
Subject: Invitation to participate in the Global Junior Challenge 2006

Global Junior Challenge 2006

The */Global Junior Challenge (www.gjc.it )* *is
a global award promoted by the Digital Youth Consortium
(www.gioventudigitale.net ), a
non-profit organization founded by the Municipality of Rome and six
major ICT companies. The intention of the award, dedicated to young
people and to schools, is to identify and reward best practices on the
use of new technologies in education and training of youngsters. **

*__The topic*

The Global Junior Challenge is the world's premier contest of projects
pioneering the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs)
in education and training. The contest is the "tip of the iceberg" of a
range of activities aimed at celebrating ICT-based educational
innovation and promoting co-operation, shared learning, and e-inclusion
in the build up of a knowledge society for all. Working together for a
better world, for equal opportunities and against the digital divide is
central to spirit of the Global Junior Challenge and, for this reason,
we invite you to submit your experience to the contest and join the
activities of this year's edition.

On this occasion the Global Junior Challenge award will introduce two
special categories of projects: “*Helping youth finding job*” and
*Educating Cities, *Educational Projects promoted by Public Local

*Small Funds Award*

The Global Junior Challenge promotes the *Small Funds Award*, a prize
dedicated to the projects coming from poor countries.
The winner projects will receive the small funds of € 5000 to spend for
the implementation and the development of the project.
The funds will be found between the mechanism of clicking that is
present on the website www.e-inclusionsite.org
. In the last edition of the Global
Junior Challenge *5 projects* have received the small funds of € 5000

*Who can participate*

The Global Junior Challenge is dedicated to all young people, from
school children to teenagers and youth taking their first steps on the
job market. It concerns cities, institutions, local authorities,
businesses, NGOs, communities and individual citizens. The Global Junior
Challenge concerns all those who are interested or involved in child and
youth education and training, and more broadly, in helping in the
construction of a more inclusive society.

* *

*Your school participation*

The Global Junior Challenge is much more than the largest international
contest of projects on ICT and education and training in the information
society. It is the entry to an rich platform of activities of
networking, shared learning, leading-edge knowledge about educational
changes in the 21st century, exchanges of best-practices among
international e-learning experiences and much more.

When you enter the GJC competition you are actually entering this world
of opportunities and participation in the processes that are today
changing education in schools, training organizations, regions and
countries through new technology. You are also entering a community of
innovators contributing ideas and activities helping to build a better
world through better education for all.

*How to participate***

Fill in the form directly online at the web site www.gjc.it
or by e-mail at info (at) gjc.it ,
or print the form and send it by post or fax to:

Consorzio Gioventù Digitale

Via Umbria 7, 00187 Roma

Fax +39 06 42000442

*Deadline for submission of projects is **31 July 2006**

*Edition 2004***

The third edition of the Global Junior Challenge has been a great
success with 647 participating projects from 70 countries world-wide!

On this occasion the Global Junior Challenge award introduced a new
category of projects: *Women & equal opportunities*. Projects under this
category realised equal opportunities between men and women in every
sphere of professional life, specifically through the innovative use of
ICTs. Another important theme of the Global Junior Challenge 2004 was
the fight against the Digital Divide and the innovative use of the
information technologies to reduce poverty in the world.

An important moment of the Global Junior Challenge 2004 was the creation
of *Holding Hands *(www.holdinghands.it ),
an online journal to stimulate dialogue, sharing of knowledge and
experience, collaborative working and mutual understanding between
children from schools in Rome, Israel and Palestine.

Dott.ssa Silvia Celani
Project Manager Global Junior Challenge
Tel: +390642014109


Tanzanian Youth Network

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I hope all is well and that you're having a good Spring.I am very
pleased to let you know that The Tanzanian Youth Network (TYN) has
been registered last week on 10th of May 2006 in Dar Es Salaam. We got
our Certificate of Registration from to the Registrar of Societies at
The Home Affairs Ministry!. TYN Reg number is SO.NO.14281. We are so
happy for this accomplishment. Thanks to you all who made this
possible, since your ideas we used perfectly with my fellow youth in
Tanzania to make this thing to the reality. Do you have any idea on
the step forward on our progress with the network?. I hope your
organization will cooperate with us effectively. We are going to have
a members meeting at UNICEF Tanzania on Tuesday 23rd of May 2006.
Please respond to this email to show your concern on this important
thing we have achieved so far. Our victory together as a great stage
for social change, and if your organization wants to affiliate with
the Tanzanian Youth Network you are very welcome, and let us know. We
deal in the areas of Poverty and hunger, HIV/AIDS TB and Malaria,
Gender, Environment, Unemployment and all issues youth are so
concerned in Tanzania and global, and they want to make a change.

Apart from that; for about four days I've been in Arusha city,
northern Tanzania near Mt.Kilimanjaro!, attending the charity
services by visiting communities with the big group of people from
abroad interested on charity issues leads by the world biggest rock
star Renowned singer Paul 'Bono' Hewson from Ireland works with his
great initiative called Debt AIDS Trade Africa (DATA www.data.org ).
It has been a great tour for social change, we visited the communities
like hospital, school, and a big textile factory producing mosquitoes
against malaria, and they makes other products too. Also we visited
farms and learn what farmers are doing etc. USAID Tanzania is also
involved on Bono's trip in Tanzania. This morning am going to attend
the charity work in Marangu Moshi then at Mt.Kilimanjaro organized by
World Food Programme to raise funds for food matters and involved
many institutions, individuals , organizations and government where
by the Tanzanian Prime Minister Edward Lowasa will lead the that
international humanitarian occasion over there.
Kind regards,
+255 744 805226


Quotes from my write ups.

"The great disinfectant of darkness and a growth agent to development is light."

-akinbo a. a. cornerstone

"Leadership is communication of intergirty to compel inspiratoin to take the lead."

-akinbo a. a. cornerstone


Employement Opprotunity...Call ma urgently !

looking for experts for the project: Study to identify action to support a justice sector reform programme in Nigeria. Category l and ll Experts: Qualifications Required:  LLM/MA/MSc in Law, Social or political sciences or other relevant discipline;  15 (10 for category II) years relevant professional experience respectively for the Category l and ll experts;  Experience working on and designing development projects.  Proven experience in field research, report writing and the drafting of project proposals;  One expert must have experience/knowledge of the workings of the judicial system in a developing country particularly in West Africa (experience in Nigeria an advantage);  One expert must have experience/knowledge of the workings of the police system in a developing country particularly in West Africa (experience in Nigeria an advantage);  Experience of prison systems an advantage;  Advanced interpersonal skills to constructively interact with stakeholders at all levels;  Effective verbal and written communication skills;  Fluent spoken and written English;  Experience with work / travel in difficult conditions;  Familiarity with European Commission Financing Proposals, Project Cycle Management and EDF procedures is an advantage.

Akinbo A. A. Cornerstone


International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

About this event: International Youth Volunteer Festival

On May 21, communities around the world will join together for the 2006
International AIDS Candlelight Memorial, one of the largest and oldest
grassroots mobilization campaigns for HIV/AIDS.
33rd Annual International Conference on Global Health -- It's not too
late to attend the conference! Onsite registration is available at the
Omni. Download form >
The conference pages are being updated daily, so please visit the
website often to ensure that you take advantage of all that conference is
offering this year.
Special Featured Reception, Wednesday, May 31:
Healthy Women, Healthy World: A Global Health Community Tribute to Dean
Allan Rosenfield
Global Health Council Caucuses Announce Annual Meetings:
Faith and Global Health Caucus Satellite Session
Spirit of Alma Ata Caucus Meeting
Global Public Health Launch and Reception
Members are invited to join the celebration and launch of this
ground-breaking new international journal for research, policy and practice.
Global Health Council members receive the journal as a special member
Auxiliary Events:
New events and updated information have been added. Visit the auxiliary
events page to view the events being hosted by our sponsor/member and
partner organizations during conference.
Recent Policy Series Events
AFRICA LIVE: The Roll Back Malaria Concert
Africa Malaria Day 2006: Innovations, Strategies & Opportunities
Update from WHO's Department of HIV/AIDS
The Health of the World's Female Refugees
Council Hosts International Family Planning Advocacy Day
This April 19 event — co-hosted by the Council, Population Institute,
National Wildlife Federation, CHANGE and Audubon Society — the event
drew a coalition of health, environment, population, HIV/AIDS, religious
and human rights organizations united in their support for the Focus on
Family Health Worldwide Act.
UNC Market Research Survey
The UNC School of Public Health is conducting market research to assess
the demand for an online certificate program in global health.
Participate in a short, five-minute online survey to share your thoughts to
help them in developing the best possible program.
- May 30 - June 2, 2006
Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C.
- Special Appearance by Former President Carter at Closing
Plenary Session
- Keynote Speakers for Research Symposium Announced

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HIV/AIDS: NGO’s Call for Special Plan

About this event: 1st Annual All-Nigerian Youth Conference (ANY Conference) 2004

From Chuka Odittah in Abuja,

The coalition of civil society at the just ended Africa Union special
summit on HIV/AIDS,TB AND Malaria has asked African leaders to target
the treatment of 7million people in Africa living with HIV/AIDS by 2010,
rather than the proposed 4 million. "The recommended target of 4million
is a severe under estimation.Varios institutions estimate that up to 12
million people in Africa will need antiritroviral drugs by 2010.This
translates to 7 million people on treatment by 2010,Veronica Omunga,
representative of the group said.
The coalition also said African leaders should target 80 percent of
universal access to treatment of HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, saying that
failure to do so would clearly jeopadize targets set in 2001 in Abuja.
UNAIDS Executive Director, Peter Piot, said that Universal access to
HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB services mean 100 per cent of access for people
of all classes without inhibitions of any kind.
He noted that Africa cannot afford to settle for low targets if it was
to control the three endemic diseases in Africa.
According to him, every positive living woman in Africa should be
accorded rights to protect their children from being infected,saying that a
African leaders must set ambitious target of 100 per cent access to
antiretrovirals for pregnant women among other categories of persons
living positively.
National co-ordinator of Network of people living with HIV/AIDS in
Nigeria(NEPWAN), Mr Pat Matemilola said what he expected the Nigerian
government to do is to strive to improve the bench mark on the targeted 15
percent of health buget to something significantly higher to sustain
universal access to treatment.
He said efforts must be improved to prevent mother to child
transmmision of the disease which he said was currently causing alarming rise in
spread of the infection to children.
He said that Nigeria should also focus on monitoring and evalution to
be able to contain spread and mode of spread of the infection.
He noted that government must devise ways and means to include people
living with HIV/AIDS in the drafting of policies and monitoring
mechanisms to ensure that treatment therapies reach target audience.


UNICEF lauds Nigeria over drop in HIV cases

About this event: 1st Annual All-Nigerian Youth Conference (ANY Conference) 2004
Related to country: Nigeria

From Collins Olayinka, Abuja

NIGERIA has been commended by the United
Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) for working hard to force a drop in
Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency (HIV/AIDS)
prevalence rate in the country.
UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Mr. Chandra Gautam told reporters in
Abuja at the weekend that though African leaders set ambitious goals for
themselves in 2000 in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), he was
nevertheless happy that tremendous achievements had been recorded in the
continent in an attempt to tame the spread of the virus. His words: "Six
years ago, Nigeria hosted a summit on HIV/AIDS, malaria and other
diseases and the leaders of Africa set some ambitious goals to be achieved
by 2005. If we look back, we can clearly see that in some areas,
progress has been made and also in most areas there is still more to be done.
If I want to take on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, we are happy to see that the
prevalence rate of the virus has been going down which is good news.
"In 2001, the Abuja summit was held and 5.8 per cent of the population
was infected with HIV/AIDS. That has gone down to five per cent in 2003
and 4.4 per cent in 2005. That is good news because Nigeria became one
of the three countries in Africa to actually have the prevalence rate
going down with Uganda and Senegal being the other two nations that have
brought down the rate," he stated.
The UNICEF boss however lamented the high number of children that are
being infected by the virus in the country. "The total number of
children infected by HIV/AIDS in Nigeria is still very high.3.5 million people
are infected, which makes Nigeria the third country in terms of the
largest number of people that are infected after South Africa and India.
So, good progress but in other areas not enough progress," he said.
Gautam stated that the continent had recorded positive success in its
battle against malaria, especially in terms of attracting additional
funding. He expressed the hope that out of about N145 billion that would be
available to fight the disease this year, Africa would be able to attract
a substantial part of it
Gautam said: "On malaria, I would say that there has been a good
progress in the sense that we now have much more resources available for
tackling malaria. When the summit was held in 2000, the world was to spend
about $60 million (N2.4 billion). The availability of the resources
increased because of massive mobilisation. This year, we expect that there
will be a billion dollars available for malaria in the world with most
of it in Africa. "That is good news and that the Africa summit has
agreed that 60 per cent of children will sleep under treated bed nets,
which will have tremendous impact in the effort at reducing mortality
and morbidity rate occasioned by malaria. "We believe that that goal
would be met by a half dozen countries in Africa and those countries
include Eritrea, Togo, Senegal, Mali, Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania. In
those countries, they are going to reach the 60 per cent goal, which is
"Unfortunately, in Nigeria, we are very far from reaching that goal.
In fact, only about one per cent of Nigerian children sleep under
insecticide treated bed nets. So, there is huge challenge here. But I just
learned that the government of Nigeria has agreed to put in place
strategic plan of malaria and we hope that Nigeria which is noted for having a
high level of political commitment will be magnificent in financing the
initiatives that would be put in place so that Nigeria too will be a
success story as far as reducing the malaria scourge is concerned in the




The Youth for Community and Development services (YOCADS) had intensified her advocacy and awareness campaign on the United Nations millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in schools and local communities. Since this year, YOCADS had undertaken series of activities about the awareness of the MDGs which is not widely known to the Liberian society. Some of which were: a Youth round-Table Discussion, Presentation of a paper, and deepening the discourse about the MDGs at the level of the community and institutions. Giving the keynote address at the awareness program was Mr. Anthony K. Selmah who proxy on behalf of Mr. Steven A. Ursino, Country Director, UNDP who could not be there because of engagements. Mr. Selmah recognized YOCADS as the first local youth organization that took a proactive initiative to engage young people on the MDGs, advancing a sensitization campaign in schools and communities.

Making remarks at the program held at SSDMI was the Assistant Minister for Youth services, Min. Robert Tamba lauded the efforts of YOCADS and stressed that the just ended National Youth Policy Conference was that he called “MDGs focus” adding that the MDGs overshadowed the entire conference. Commenting was Mr. Alphonso K. Weah, Executive Director of YOCADS, who admonished his fellow youth counterparts to join the campaign and not only rely on the politicians to achieve these goals, he also emphasized that only with their voices that the MDGS can be achieved. Meanwhile Mr. Weah said with YOCADS will continue raise the awareness as we enter 2006 and beyond.

In this light, YOCADS wishes to appeal to the Government of Liberia, UNDP, UNICEF, OXFAM, Action aid-Liberia, and the International organizations as well as Donors to support its advocacy campaign on the MDGs.

Zolu Gobah

Deputy Executive Director

Monrovia, Liberia



SpeakOut !

Dear Comrades,

I did like to let you all know that there is a call for researched works/articles and publications from those who want their voices to be heard in the upcoming Bulletin. This Bulletin titled "SpeakOut" which is being sponsored by a youth organization in Nigeria, is expected to be launched by April and focuses solely on the African continent. Its a Bulletin that is intended to reflect the problems in Africa, the steps taken by the African people to solve them, a strong message to our leaders, and also how to involve youths, leaders and other professionals to be a part of this developmental and innovative solutions.

It will also reflect on the beauty, social and artistic culture of the African people. Topics that would be considered are Gender issues, Leadership (Men and Women),Employment, Science and technology, Trade, Poverty, War, Cultural Diversity, Genital-mutilation, ICT, Corruption, HIV/AIDS, Sports, Lifestyle, Child Labor, Human rights, Health and other topics of great interest.

Criteria’s for your work to be considered is that it must be of in-depth research, it must reflect what is happening in the country / region, it must be an unpublished work, it must include positive solutions which includes the ideas that you want our leaders and other leaders in Africa to adopt/consider and it must reflect the originality of the African culture and people.

The DEADLINE for receiving articles for the first publication is on the March 27th ,2006 which must be mailed to the Editor at African Youth Voice . Any publication received after this date would NOT be considered, except for next publication.

Nota Bene:
Clear photographs will be accepted as this would help reflect alot of information’s on the subject, also researched works/articles can be sent from those who resides outside Africa but do have deep interest and knowledge on this topics should equally send their copies to the email above.

Also, you are free to write on as many topics as you choose, provided that you accept it be published in English Language. All rights reserved to "SpeakOut". Thanks.

To become a member, kindly click the link below.
Or contact:
The Editor, SpeakOut !
African Youth Voice,

obiagwustephanie@yahoo.com akinboadebunmiadeola@yahoo.com





Internet Governance: Asia-Pacific Perspectives
Edited by Danny Butt
Foreword by Nitin Desai
UNDP-APDIP, Elsevier, 2005, 155 pages
ISBN-13: 978-81-312-0110-7
ISBN-10: 81-312-0110-4


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